23 May 2010


I know I've posted plenty of things that I haven't known all that much about, but this one might take the cake. I have the J-Card you see above, and an address for Graeme in Scotland. This was on a tape with the ANOTHER WARCRY demo (killer killer shit, the same tunes that were on this mix tape posted last fall, highly recommended) and a brilliant but unreleased ALTERNATIVE ATTACK recording that will go up in the coming days, but who the fuck are UNKNOWN PLEASURES aside from a band who liked JOY DIVISION enough to take their record as a moniker? Clearly they are indeed JOY DIVISION fans, judging from the songs they plodded through at this rehearsal sometime in 1985 (including a side-splittingly horrible cover of "She's Lost Control"), but aside from that gem and one DAMNED tune, UNKNOWN PLEASURES slog through relatively uninspired and rather mellow mid 80s UK punk. What's interesting is simply that I've never heard of it at all (nor had anyone I spoke to), and the internet provided only fruitless searches for answers. And so I post...

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