14 May 2010


End the week with a mellow swagger instead of a raucous explosion. Natty Chariot comes to us from the same chap who put together the excellent Behind The Iron Curtain mix tape posted back in January, and this time, as the subtitle suggests, we get one solid hour of Jamaican reggae/dub singles. The tempo is dreary and dragging throughout, but the vibe is fukkn excellent on tunes like "Natty Dread Come Over" from LITTLE BOP and KING TUBBY & MICHAEL CAMPBELL's spaceland freakout "Internal Energy." The vinyl crackle on the tape's namesake performed by OBSERVER is almost as mesmerizing as the monotonous driving beat and, and I ROY's "Drifter" with it's lazy horns seems positively upbeat by comparison. A few years ago, you never would have convinced me that I would have liked this tape, but it started with my friend Peter and slowly my mind opened. No, it has nothing to do with weed, but Natty Chariot is a burner.

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