08 March 2021


Three pieces of unrelenting punishment left as waste material from a 2007 tour. This thing is fucking disgusting...massive, hollow, terrifying (terrified). 

* - there's at least one other tape, it's sick...and the link is probably dead. 
* - since today is about skull collection, I re-upped this the the other day: COLLECTING SKULLS


07 March 2021


The brutality is the simplicity. The first song utilizes five chords. Total. And ORIGEN don't branch out much from there...it's like getting punched in the eye. Repeatedly. And you know the blows are still coming but you just tense up and take it. "Nos Escondemos" is a level five dose of punishment. This is all you get. 

06 March 2021



Another one that came and went in the Bay Area's fertile aughts. A by-product of PELIGRO SOCIAL and DESOLATION, DOPECHARGE released exactly this one demo before imploding (there's a posthumous EP as well). A DBeat tinged charge with the subtlety of a rhino horde, with Mackey's vocals coming off like mid '80s UK brutality and pumping the life blood through a crew on the very brink of very literal collapse. Raw punk in the non-calculated sense, but in the total intensity sense. 

05 March 2021


This collection of raw (mostly) instrumental psychedelic dirges settles in like a new piece of furniture...you walk by it a few times and then it's just there. Like it always has been. Recorded and presented by Chris Cat Food (OXYGEN DESTROYER, SIBERIAN ASS TORTURE, GEORGE CRUSTANZA), the ten artists here sound suspiciously similar while they dance between PHARAOH OVERLORD style numbing repetition (NO, COMADRE!) and pure repetitive bombast (CRUST KAPPA RAMPAGE). The recordings are uniform, so that when the tape does break loose as on the brilliantly monotonous "Rush To Death" by DIABLO CON CARNE it fits in perfectly and still listens like rehearsal doom. A filthy rocking session with damaged guitars from RACCON COMPLEX CONTAGION,  a fifteen minute exercise in patience from MOUNTAINOUS CRUNCHMENT, a short West Bay worthy bass/drum assault from CLANDESTINE BRONTOSAURUS...you almost get the impression that someone's having a little fun at your expense. But honestly, by the time I get to "Wizard Dream" by TLC WATERFALLS, I don't really care if this is a joke or not.


04 March 2021



I suppose people not alive or around in the '90s know Seattle's POSITIVE GREED (if they know them at all) because the drummer was a founding member of FOO FIGHTERS and SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. But I knew them because ALL YOU CAN EAT had run into them at some point on tour and Danny B. turned me onto them. Their sound (especially with hindsight) is definitively '90s - the quick ska breaks, the honest determination that can only come from adolescence, dancing between raging hardcore and earnest DIY basement punk. "Mindrattler" is like ACCÜSED crashing headlong into '80s Euro hardcore, "Two Wrongs" and "Bob Song" sound like they got lost on a Very Small compilation LP....basically this 1992 tape is great,  and I don't know why I bothered even mentioning the Foo Fighters thing because it's totally irrelevant. 

03 March 2021



Just as the cover suggests, welcome to The George Clinton Story brought to you by DJ Billy Jam with help from Daddy Dog and Dr. Watt. Academic and/or nerd level analysis and wildly deep cuts, this program as broadcast in the '80s runs just just shy of 70 minutes. 

You see that what the dominant culture is trying to take - Clinton is already there. We were trying to get into outer space, he was the extraterrestrial brother. 

02 March 2021



All I think when I listen to DEMISE is that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, if I had been there then then I probably wouldn't be here now, so that's something to think about...but listen to "The Valdez" as those double snare taps bring '80s Orange County to life in a Germantown, Wisconsin basement...listen to kids playing rough Midwestern hardcore just a few years removed from the era historians will refer to as "the heyday" for as long as they talk about DIY hardcore punk. Thirteen tracks here, and every one of them rips. If I had to narrow it down though, "Secret Government" is the one. 


01 March 2021



They aren't really fooling anyone by starting off with the blatant DEATH SIDE lift, you know exactly what they are going for and you get exactly what you expect. Fast, raw US hardcore punk with a shameless ear turned towards the classics. This band was a bit of a flash, but revisiting the material is a nice reminder of how many good ass bands were kicking around SF/Oakland in the early '10s. I'm still convinced that no era is definitively better or worse than any other, which makes it a lot easier to reach back into my (midnite) brain (or nine year old posts) to pull out sweaty memories....see what I did there?

28 February 2021


Seventy minutes of madness? I might not even know what else to say except....seventy minutes of complete madness. There are 23(ish) distinct tracks (or "pieces" perhaps?) on this cassette. Presented with no context. Primitive synth cuts give way to mental audio collages and missives that sound like they were created in a closet using Baby's First Casio. The eighth track for example (no titles, of course), could be a 12 year old fucking around with a $19.99 drum machine just as easily as a calculated homage to minimalist industrial acts of the late 1970s. And it's followed by six minutes of brooding spacial psych monotony that sounds like it was lifted off a Nik Raicevic record....and then there's an advert for a funeral parlor, a two minute live noise core stomp and then more synths. Equal parts experimentation, piss take and high art, the only thing I have managed to glean from the internet is that the act may (or may not?) have performed at Safari Sam's in Huntington beach in like '87. So there you go...maybe this is Southern California's answer to NEGATIVLAND? The guy I got it from is dead and I can't ask him.

Does anybody know the Abscess dances out there?
"I do!"
Well I want you all to come up and start dancing please, because this is...this is just such a danceable song. This is serious. OK, it's a serious song. It's a serious dance song. It's a love song. It's a beer song. Its...it's four songs in one!

27 February 2021


Another dose of synthetic cold from Moscow's SIERPIEN. Melancholic synth/pop by way of dark European wave, the sounds this duo create are timeless, and rarely have I wanted to understand an artist's language more than on this release. "Сигнал" ("Signal") simply begs to be sung along to, swaying alone in a crowded club enveloped by isolation, the light of the chorus pulling back the shades and exposing the early morning sun. It's a song with the force and the hook of a "TiK ToK" or "Domino," but this power may be rooted in KINO by way of SIEKIERA...and accept my apologies if I reached for low hanging fruit. The band sounds like a modern, relevant act that has come from the past (as opposed to a band who are looking to the past for inspiration).  As I mentioned when I previously visited SIERPIEN, body of work is immense, compelling, varied...you are encouraged to get lost. I did, and I still do.