17 August 2022

105 LUX


Over the weekend, I got a few tapes from the folks at Music Not Noize (no new posts in several years, though most of the links are still live and you can still get lost there for hours). It's going to take months to really poke through everything, but I had never heard of 105 LUX so I popped in Przeciwko immediately. It's basically been on repeat since (so it's going to take me even longer to get through everything, it seems). Infectious early '90s Polish punk with a heavy (if inadvertent) UK anarcho influence, especially in the vocals. I ripped POLITICAL ASYLUM's Walls Have Ears collection yesterday, and I feel 105 LUX would be an excellent companion - song structures often 'too complicated' for punk, some metallic high end guitars with sung, poetic vocals. Not sure what makes vocals poetic, but once I typed the word I couldn't think of anything else, so I'm sticking with it. 105 LUX feels innocent, feels urgent, feels real - this one is going to be in regular rotation until I can track down their other two tapes. 

16 August 2022



If you flipped through a crate at a US punk gig in the early 2000s, then you almost certainly passed up a copy of DISASSOCIATE's second album Symbols, Signals & Noise because that thing was everywhere - I feel like I had twenty dead stock copies that I was trying (and failing) to move for $1 each. The singer was an institution in NYC, a huge physical presence that always made me feel like I was not a completely out of place dork (hint: I was) the few times I interacted with him, and the band was synonymous with the darker, hard partying side of the ABC No Rio scene. So there's your context...now let's talk about this fukkn tape. It's the six tunes from the 1993 demo, dubbed onto the A side of a copy of RDP's Brasil (DISASSOCIATE rips, but there's no excuse for eliminating a copy of Brasil), and the band sound so damn ugly - more in common with BONGZILLA and BUZZOV•EN than NYHC and that's just fine to my ears. "Body," "Smoke" and the filthy churn of "Destroy The Planet" are pure devastation, and make me want to revisit that LP I mentioned earlier...pretty sure I've still got a few copies squirreled away somewhere. 

15 August 2022



Honestly, it's kinda silly. Four bursts of rote early DISCHARGE worship offered in ear shredding simplicity. It sounds like Uranium Genocide could have been conceived, written and recorded in one lazy afternoon (and perhaps it was)...but as that afternoon in 2012 faded into memory as 'just another day,' the world was left with four short minutes of noise. So yeah, maybe it's a little silly, and maybe that's just fine. Because it's been a decade, and we're still listening. 

14 August 2022



Soft Power is anything but, folks. Soft Power is a thirty (plus) minute darkness mindfuck, a psychedelic swarm of sounds interrupted by disjointed pulses and absent, passive electronics. It's like a clown car from a slasher flick showed up to a synth wave show and invited OCCULT BLOOD to join them on stage. And just like that - your fukkn show is wrecked. 

13 August 2022


Y'all need to think about DIVORCE. Totally off the rails SE screamo/fastcore hybrid that imploded after this demo and the ten song EP that followed. The songs are so fast, so erratic, just head spinningly wild from start to finish - imagine '90 West Bay without the slow parts, played by END OF THE CENTURY PARTY. Nine songs in under eight minutes; hard to describe how refreshing this approach sounds now, twenty years after it was recorded. 

12 August 2022



I felt like someone just splashed cold water in my face when I put on THE UNVOICED - this shit shocked me thirty years into my own past and made me feel like it was all new again. The Gatewood! cassette is scrappy, snotty, feisty DIY punk from a time (1990) when USHC influences were still dominant but bands were straying in their own (weird) directions. The vocals will make you smile and cringe...and sing along: don't think about what you want but what you have // and if we come across as a little weird, you're not so normal yourseeeeeeeelllfff


But even better than those eleven songs is the other North Carolina shit some punk used to fill up the rest of the tape. The demo from YOUTHFUL IRREGULARITY is brilliant early Dischord worship with a posi tinge - possibly my favorite discovery on the whole tape. Quintessential DIY basement hardcore from TONKA - an eight song rehearsal with songs like "Butt-Ass" and "Co-Ed Dance Song" and a couple of funk breakdowns that may or may not have been tongue in cheek, but their accents alone are worth the price of admission (and a couple of these kids went on to ASSFACTOR 4). Three raw hardcore rippers from Raleigh's LIVING IS SHAME (who might actually be called LIVING IN SHAME?). An eight song dose of catchy hardcore from RIGHTS RESERVED, and a you Al Burian fronting CELIBATE COMMANDOS on what's listed as the Food For Thought demo, though I can't find most of these tracks anywhere else. All of this shit is listed as being from 1990 or 1991, and I give all thanks to the young punk who decided that THE UNVOICED just wasn't enough...

11 August 2022



No surprises here, just brutality. COFFIN DUST (Philadelphia) open with "Necronomibong" and never looks back - clicky bass and DBeat and filthy mosh breakdowns and blast beats you almost don't even need the rest of their side (hint: you actually do need it, and it actually slays). On the flip, SPEWTILATOR (Atlanta) can't seem to get themselves out of a mosh - classic party thrash spending loud night with guttural grind. Both bands fucking reek, which is exactly why you will listen to them.