05 April 2020


Totally fukkn destroyed garage hardcore, snotty punk hooks just blown to complete shit. There might be fidelity buried somewhere in their dark dark past, but KLAZO kick those bodies aside like empty cheese puff bags and dig deeper into the mud with every track....using fuzzed out guitar solos as an auger of course (and to continue to inane metaphor).  It screams, it slams, and the drums are brutally simple kick/snare punches, repetitious a battering that sweet spot on your chin for the duration. This one's from 2015, just an introduction to the full length and shorter slabs waiting for you when you feel like dropping in....but you've been warned.  You may not be able to leave your house, but you can sure as shit get wild and break stuff. 

04 April 2020


What is PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI was obsessed with Japanese hardcore? It's the same relentless vibe, but where our Norwegian friends would start to blast, BRYAN LOTHIAN instead drops in the wildest fukkn hooks and I kinda can't stand it. They both project an astral psychedelia (PINS OF LIGHT playing HC rippers?) and I can't help but think they are split from the same cloth and/or perhaps separated at birth. Nine killer cuts spread out over two digital releases later combined onto one cassette EP, a non-stop hardcore bedroom party filled with more than enough riffs to take you through the isolation. This project is the brainchild of a dude from A GLOBAL THREAT, and is responsible for almost seventy (mostly digital) releases over the last five years. It's a staggering output, and it doesn't take much digging to understand how outmatched you are. Check "Cold Shoulders" and "War Porn," then start from the beginning. 

02 April 2020


Almost finished running through this essential oldies collection, and the folks at East Side Records really honed in their attack for the last two volumes. LITTLE ANTHONY makes a return visit, as do  East Side veterans THE CHANTELS and the "Duke Of Earl" guy GENE CHANDLER with a slow slammer entitled "Rainbow." Overall, this one is a little fuller and funkier (check the drums around the 1:30 mark of opening cut "The Bells" from THE ORIGINALS), but there's still plenty of the sweet swoon that keeps people coming back to these under-the-radar cruising comps - take BARBARA LEWIS, THE DELLS' "Oh What A Night" and JERRY BUTLER's would-be classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" as examples, and then sink your ears into THE METALLICS and THE JIVE HIVE just because you can. This one's about love, about warm nights, about being young and optimistic even in the face of a painful reality.  They're talking about love, but the fear, the hope, the despair...it all transfers to the real world. 


Disgusting and damaged Spanish grind, delivering fierce and guttural sounds with a well produced lo-fi ramshackle that is disconcerting to listen to. On the one hand RENCOR are massive, full throated power, but they tweak the sound just enough with single guitar tracks, a tinny snare and a delivery that's a few steps short of perfect so that it feels like you're listening to a band running through the set just "one more time" at rehearsal...but one of them is half drunk and wants to go home so he's playing the songs pissed and under duress. I'm sure that counts as an accurate description of sound.

01 April 2020


Thirty minutes of dark mania from Illinois (and/or Space). Heavy on the dirty synths, heavy on the primitive, heavy on the early Industrial Records influence, heavy on the manipulation of reality. Also, I submit the strangest SABBATH cover that I can ever recall hearing. 

As compelling as the sounds are, the packaging of these Space Noise Eternal releases are a thing to behold. It helps to be able to get lost while you are....getting lost in the sounds. 

31 March 2020


Damn, it's like they just took all of the the things that they like and said "fukk it, lets make out band sound like all of them...." and then they made it work. How do people do that? All I can say for sure is that these songs make me feel good, these songs grab me and don't let go, these songs make me want to do shit. And I have a lot of shit to do, so that's a definite positive. 

30 March 2020


Killer hardcore from the Rio Grande Valley, featuring the single chillest DBeat guitarist I have seen in my entire life. His annihilation of these riffs was so very casual, like he was having a dance party in his own damn mind, and it was an amazing thing to watch. Two releases here, both from 2016 - cassette version of the Obliteration of Self EP (with two cuts not on the wax) and a four song banger that rages even harder. "Blood Profiteer" makes me want to break things, but I'm not allowed to leave my house so that would be pretty counter productive.  

29 March 2020


This band has always flown pretty far under the radar, but I am always pleased when they blip onto my screen. Six blasts of rumbling Scottish '90s crust/punk - file along the likes of OI POLLOI, AUS ROTTEN, BRUTALLY FAMILIAR...you get the drill, and it's a drill that I miss. You get the little melodies in "Political Cheat," you get the full on bulldozing of "Joe Public," you get the tongue in cheek yet earnest "Jesus Smokes Crack" to wrap things up...and when it was done I pulled out the JUGGLING JUGULARS split 10" and that shit held up too. 

 If this is any indication, would've been a gas to see them in the flesh....

28 March 2020


Wild Oklahoma punk with a definite and shameless affinity for hi-energy jangly NWI shits from the last decade. The guitar is the giveaway, and the guitar dominates sound and impact, leaving the listener (in this case: you) to let the manic vocals sink in at your convenience. Frantic stomps, kinda like a pet rat jumping on a stove coil - the bass drop close out of "Nowhere To Run" is pretty much all you need to get through the day. Well, that and the "Democracy Spawns Bad Taste" cover.

27 March 2020


Mandatory compilation curated and released a few years ago by some excellent Bay Area folks (who I was supposed to be playing a show with tonight, but #covidisreal). Heavy on the locals, but several bands that the creators have crossed paths with are included as well - TROIKA (Madrid), CROOKED BANGS (Austin), STEEL CHAINS (Portland), LIÉ (Vancouver) to name a few. Local heavyweights like RAGANA, MOZART, STREET EATERS, VIOLENCE CREEPS lay the foundation for a brilliant compilation filled with dark punk, urgent freaks and melody presented with depth. Hard to explain, but I find listening to this tape rather comforting...and theres a Volume I too.