20 September 2018


Filthy, disgusting, face melting buzzsaw raw crust. Some days, I simply don't know what else you could possible want. Today is one of those days. Also, the SODOM cover is a bold and successful move. 

19 September 2018


I got a nice package from an Indonesia a few months ago, and while it was packed with joy and doom, this THEIST tape was maybe the cream of the cop. Crushing doom/crust that approaches deadly status when it gets to speed, and searing vocals throughout to keep a black metal shroud lurking overhead. A borderline neocrust approach to be sure, but melody is only offered in the context of bleak and utter devestation, and the stoner/doom bits are just massive - check the breaks in "At The End Of The Maze" if you have any doubts. These kids are from Bandung....I was there once, and we had a fukkn amazing time

18 September 2018


Nothing fancy here, just some addictive swinging midwestern punk rock. A solid groove throughout, with downright sassy vocals and laid back bass driven grooves that focus on the rhythm as much as the riff while the guitar casually jangles its way along. It's a really simple formula, and it totally works....so well that it almost takes a minute to realize how damn good it is. "Looking For You" is the track - the drum fills sound like they were overdubbed two weeks after the rest of the demo was recorded, and in just 47 seconds THE BILLS leave us an under the radar classic. 

17 September 2018


6 FUCKIN' BLASTS....the title say it all. Los Angeles noize mongers FUNDAMENTAL with yet another dose of amphetamine pogo chaos. In just a hair under ten minutes, these mutants rip and tear and smash their way through blast after blast of classic rudimentary noise punk. If this ain't perfection, then I guess I need to go back to PIG DNA class. 

16 September 2018


During their existence, I feel like NEGATIVE STANDARDS were an absolute force that grew and grew, but always exerted itself (or, in this case, themselves) mysteriously. They toured heavily, if not relentlessly, and their live shows set in front of a wall of televisions were always an intense spectacle. But there was never any hype either from them or surrounding them....they just always were. As if simply because Al and Will had been in ACTS OF SEDITION together it felt like NEGATIVE STANDARDS had just always been there. They were acknowledged, even revered, and they worked their asses off...and then they stopped. A demo, two LPs and a formidable split with WHITEHORSE - then they closed the lid. 2015's Fetters was their final recording, a massive collection of raging crust and black metal riffs and noise/samples and colossal sludge, with Will's voice urging everything ever faster. I confess that I'm almost glad that they were a moment...because it was a really good moment.

Speaking of good moments, I watched Will get married to his partner of ten years last night, and it was fukkn beautiful. 

15 September 2018


Not since I popped in the SICKOIDS demo near the turn of the decade have I been so instantly floored. Melbourne's SCAB EATER make the modern hype sounds work...without making them seem like modern hype sounds. Allow me to explain (I mean, that's why you're here, right?) - that recycled flanged out '80s hardcore guitar (think DIE KREUZEN), that high energy stompy stomp, the dark vibes, all of the ingredients for a by-the-numbers modern sensation, except that SCAB EATER have fukkn fire. That guitar is joined by a second axe that just stabs the mix repeatedly, tearing holes in any kind of convention and exposing pure rage and power while the vocals are high, fervid and demanding. When everything else drops out you start to notice the ferocity of the low end (and once you do, you can't not notice it) and the assault is complete.....ugh, my friends, SCAB EATER is fukkn deadly. "Blind//Bellicose" gets my money for the choice cut, though it doesn't hurt that it's followed up by the low rumble and screaming gymnastics that make up the start of "Crimes Against The Soil." Thankfully I don't really have to choose here - clocking in at exactly 600 seconds, Mind Trench is streamlined for repeat listens and receives highest accolades from TEHQ. 

13 September 2018


This fukkr is even more deadly in hindsight as I go back to listen.....there's something eternally refreshing about bands who just GO! with no apologies. There version of a breakdown is the weird quiet blast beat at the end of "Neutrinos," and the riffs throughout will make you cock your head to the side like "what did I just hear?" the same way that a lot of us felt the first time the German metalcore of the same era fell into our ears. The ARMAGEDDOM cover is a nice touch for context, even though most of the writing here is over-steeped in the best parts of '90s DIY hc/grind. There are only four tracks here, but I recommend everything that you can get your hands on. 

12 September 2018


I guess things don't always have to be hard. And I think sometimes that freedom results in good things and good times. While there might not be anything here that rivals "Spacepussy" from the 2015 split with TAPE MONSTER, our friend/s still manage to offer up a solid six tracks of genuinely weird sounds, a blues rock shuffle, and some legitimately engrossing and/or post dancefloor industrial sounds - "Terry F'n Funk" could be a chopped & screwed CLOCK DVA number, while the title track harkens Monte Cazazza, and all from the hands of an incredibly prolific noise dealer from Texas.

11 September 2018


The freedom to create alone, to realize your vision in a void, unhindered by outside influences....it is powerful. I can imagine that the pull of solitude has played a key role in countless important works over hundreds of years, and I am pleased to see this method entering the world of independent music more and more. The "artist" in this instance is Olympia "band" NIDSTANG, and the creation is a brutally harsh and chaotic black metal release. Blackened speed punk and a jackhammer's subtlety, after the 100+ second introduction to "Castrum Doloris" there is nothing but fear and pain seeping out of this shell. No one to talk you out of it, no one to help you realize that there's another way...even a better way. So you just do it...and you do it loudly.