01 October 2023



You know what I'm not going to do? Pretend I can speak from any kind of informed position about NURSE WITH WOUND or CURRENT 93. Two artists I have known about for well over two decades, but have never actually dug into. This tape was initially released in the early '80s and tweaked and regurgitated and booted a few times...and it ended up in my hands. And I still can't speak from any kind of informed position about either artist because the internet has volumes already and the last thing the internet needs is another amateur making shit up so....damn, this shit is cool. I'm gonna need to start digging - seem like I've waited long enough. 

30 September 2023



YOu ever listen to a think and wonder....."What just happened?" and then you just want to listen to it again? Well, let me introduce you to Toronto's WLMRT. Equal parts synth prog freak punk and true visionaries, these cats would have fit perfectly with those mutants in Oklahoma City I was blabbing about the other day, but really WLMRT pretty much fits anywhere. Or nowhere, which is why I'm smitten with WLMRT Forever. They have another tape called Lube 2, in case you need more convincing.


29 September 2023


Six minutes of furious power viol;nce from Philippines - I only knew HANGAL from a CAPITALIST CASUALTIES tribute comp before this eight song bulldozer....but oh fukk were they worth the wait. If you're still reading, then I really don't know what you're waiting for, because sample laden first wave PV worship rarely sounds this spot on. |


28 September 2023



Those EINOK fests were truly something special. A gathering that I thought might take the place of a Chaos In Tejas instead served to usher in an entirely new....thing. The focus was never on the cool bands, the hyped bands or the 'big' bands - the focus was on friends and on (mostly regional) punk slammers. Freak City exploded with weirdos and I felt old, I felt out of touch, I felt fukkn alive watching these kids go absolutely mental. Small town mutants converging on a Bible Belt enclave and joining forces with other small town mutants and taking it the fuck over...there's nothing like it. This is where I first ran into the Hattiesburg punks, rolling 20 deep and serving as a self contained fun machine any time one of their bands played - and when EYE JAMMY played? Yeah, shit was real cool. EYE JAMMY was punk - like DEAD MILKMEN and BIG BOYS filtered through 2010s Midwest freak shit (think CONEHEADS, NECRO HIPPIES, LIQUIDS, et al), and shit was magical. Maybe you had to be there? I'm glad that I was.

27 September 2023



These are late at night someone is coming to get you sounds. GNAWING TEETH deserve far more than I am able to give them right now, but I think that they would appreciate blunt. So: GNAWING TEETH make me feel uncomfortable. 

26 September 2023



In a world before podcasts, there was radio. And the thing is...there still is radio, but The Generation doesn't care about that and even though it might make me (kinda) sad (sometimes), it's reality and that's okay. So here's an hour of radio: Life During Wartime. Here's a story about pigs and a dance party. Here's a story about The State from a time that seems like a(nother) lifetime ago. Here's some people, sharing stories.