05 December 2022



Raw, ramshackle and punk as fukk, Militancia Punk combines two fierce '90s Mexican political hardcore bands that I might have never known if Lalo hadn't decided to clean out his closet earlier this year. RABIA PROLETARIA whip out five gruff ska/hardcore numbers, the live recording buries the guitar (it's well worth the effort to listen to the leads on "Afirmando Principios," because that hooks is deadly good) but you can feel the energy leaping off of the tape. LUCHA AUTONOMA trudge through a couple of rough midtempo numbers with field and protest recordings breaking up the pace, but then they ramp up and turn into a completely different animal. "Desgracia Divina" is pure, raw power - unhinged like early '80s Italian HC beaten and dragged through a swamp, while "Tecnocratas" is an absolute scorcher ripped from the rich legacy of ferocious Mexican punk - the whole tape is a great document, but that one song absolutely knocked me on my ass. Fidelity queens will want to steer clear...real punks recognize real punk. 

04 December 2022



This one is a lot for my ears. I don't understand the words, I don't know the band, but ЯМА grabbed me instantly and did not let go. Abrasive, intense, emotive, chaotic and controlled hardcore, this band from Tambov, Russia are deliberate and fierce - I imagine dropping them into a room full of brooding mysterious pretentious hardcore squirmers and watching those squirmers...squirm. ЯМА are not easy on the ears, but a close listen to songs like "Область Абсолютной Тьмы" reveals a band with a lot more to discover and uncover. The band is good, their trip is dark (like reality). 

03 December 2022



No important observations today. No great context. Nothing important...just punk.
Punk is important. 


02 December 2022



Loathed Sound Department forever - every time I listed to one of their tapes I feel just a little more precious about the time I've spent with their releases and just a little more bummed that there (might not) be any more. Lunatic Sound Display is another killer (of course): ANTHONY RED ROSE, SUN RA, FRANCIS THE GREAT, GIRLI GIRL, MATCHEZ, BGM, SPACE INVADERS and more. Primitive hip hop, space funk, jazz, dripped out reggae, kraut soul....shit, even if you download this and only listen to the SPONTANEOUS OVERFLOW track once you are still a winner. Every tape opened more doors, and I'm grateful. 

01 December 2022



Belarusian anarcho crusters HATE TO STATE dropped a demo in the late 1990s that bent time and space - clenching first wave Eastern European punk, mid '80s UK stench/crust and '90s North American DIY hardcore all together into a ruthless fist. On the one hand, fans of MANKIND?, DISRUPT, RESIST and associated outfits will need no convincing - power is power and context be damned. On the other hand, think about Belarus in the 1990s as the USSR disintegrated and left a void simultaneously filled by Lukashenko's fist and HATE TO STATE. The sociopolitical realities of activist punk in regions with access to "western" influences while hamstrung by the limitations (and oppressions) of "eastern" governments is a piece for a different time (and a different writer), but it puts "Cold, Hunger, Wind, Death" in a different context than if it was some band from Michigan, you know? Who noticed HATE TO STATE? That's a deeper question, but I'm just here to remind you that it happened...and that it was fucking powerful.  This regurgitated copy (on the flip side of the YOUR KINGDOM IS DOOMED tape) has the full demo plus nineteen uncredited tracks from two different sessions without femme vocalist Stasya - the recording on these song is more punk and less hardcore, but the second vocals are definitely missed). No idea where those extra songs come from, but it makes me wonder if there is even more out there...somewhere

30 November 2022



It's not as if I never appreciated Michigan's realest punk export, and it's not like I didn't understand them. But it's interesting (to me) that I didn't really get CRUCIFUCKS until I was a fifty year old adult. Their I Am The Establishment demo from 1982 is one of the punkest recordings I've ever known and when I was bumping the murky Das Boots tape earlier this year everything just....clicked. And I understood. 


I estimated your worth today 

And I'm not gonna listen to what you say 

And I'm never going to go back to work 

You're not my boss, he's a fucking jerk 


You can go out of business for all I care 

Your way of life isn't going anywhere 

I'm not stupid and I won't be led 

By pricks like you who'd be better off dead

You're pathetic, you're disgusting

You make me sick

I estimated your worth today...you're shit.

29 November 2022


DANIEL LENTZ made a visit to these pages very early on with 1985's Missa Ubrarum but I never really dug much deeper...and then this popped up as a reminder that should. Lentz lands somewhere between new age and outsider modern composer, described perfectly as "abstract and difficult but not unpleasant to listen to." Massacre Of Lions And Lambs is six movements - voices and synthesized sounds captured in live in France and Pittsburgh in 1988. It makes me chuckle that a composer of much renown can appear as a new and exciting "discovery" when it's crammed haphazardly in a box full of punk tapes (as this was)...but it shouldn't be important how you discover, only that you do.