16 October 2021


Perhaps this post is only for the (few) MUDWIMIN purists, but it might also make a convert of the more inquisitive visitor. To a kid living far far away, the name MUDWIMIN stuck out in musings about the post-heyday San Francisco Bay Area punk scene/s. The name grabbed you, an all female band was still a notable thing, and they had better songs than L7 (who they always seemed to be compared to for only one reason). I had the "For A Good Time" 45 and I think I dug it, but other than that record they were always a band who existed somewhere outside my orbit - I knew who they were and got their general context.....but not much more than that. Their last LP came out right when I moved here, but I think that I would have blown it off at the time (not hard enough, not fast enough, not punk enough, etc etc etc). This session however....fucking fire. Awkward, powerful, and very fucking real sounds that act as a sonic bridge between '80s anarcho experimentation and SPITBOY. Music that never really catches a groove, sounds that are stepping over rock 'n roll (and later grunge) to get to where they want to be. Erratic and very fucking weird music dominated by completely damaged guitars...MUDWIMIN have aged extremely well. Three songs on this tape were recorded in a basement on Steiner Street 1987, and a there's version of "Jizm Skiz #1" that was recorded "in Bambi's basement at our 1st or 2nd practice..." in April 1986. Happy to have found these, and I now have the urge to dig deeper into all of the records that I've overlooked...better late than never, I suppose. 


15 October 2021



Absolutely killer collection of psych and doom and noise and electronics from a cadre of artists primarily from and around New Jersey. This is a chilly fall night when things (in the night and in your life) are slowing down and maybe getting a little weird. Almost creepy enough (WASP, TRIGAL) for proto-Halloween celebrations, definitely twisted enough (FILTH GARDEN, BONELIST, SPECK, TOADS) for sloppy drunken punk slogs around a fire, and other worldly enough (BROWN CHRISTMAS, MAXIMUM ERNST, IVOR BLAHA) to make you really glad that everything kicked in when it did. It's going to be a good night...just wait until it gets dark.

14 October 2021



A complete divergence, because there's just something about this tape that I can't escape. Three tracks of sweet and sappy indie/college alt with a dash of Alex Chilton. It's a blissfully simple formula, really, and as much as the description should make me puke......? Well, I like it. 

13 October 2021



A haunting collection from 2009, DRIED UP CORPSE and DROUGHTER fill one small plastic with manipulated sounds that are so chaotic that they begin to sound organic. The DRIED UP CORPSE side is perhaps a sonic abomination electronically recreating the cacophony of nature, while DROUGHTER is the aural adaptation of modern industrial chaos, recreated and intentionally damaged. Exceptionally harsh on both sides, much like the realities that they lived within and represented. 

12 October 2021



If you toured the Northeast in the 2000s, then you probably rolled through Allentown, Pennsylvania. You may have trucked out there to see a warm up show before a Pointless Fest, or to see a hot shit hardcore band play a small(er) show to a room packed with enthusiastic starved kids instead of a dark bar casually populated with jaded twenty-somethings in New York City. You may have played a show there because the "out of the way" places were more willing to book your band than the "more desirable" big towns. You may have stopped by Double Decker and bought too many records and you may have, in one of those moments, thought that Lehigh Valley might just be a place that you could see yourself living. I know I did. The basement where you may have seen one of those wild and sweaty shows was called The Pirate's Cove - the toilet sometimes leaked into the basement (sometimes onto the head of a relatively famous '80s UK punk rocker), there were a couple of support beams smack in the middle of the audience that partially blocked your view...and fuck were the shows great. The vibe was great, the kids were real, it just felt honest and sincere. If you had one of these experiences, then you might have seen YO MAN, GO! play at The Pirate's Cove, and I'm telling you there's no better environment for a band like this. Without the above context, this 2006 tape is filled with anthemic, high energy melodic punk. Full stop. But there's something about the vocal break "I just want you to put your hand in mine!" and picturing yourself in that fucking basement and...well, DIY punk just fukkn rules. Those who are averse to feeling good and maybe singing along, or who have not experienced any of the memories in the previous sentences, might want to proceed with caution. For the rest of you: Welcome To Allentown. It was great there. 

11 October 2021



Strap yourselves in, motherfuckers. 90+ tracks of relentless nosiecore, recorded over the course of 2020 by a group of Argentinian freaks who call themselves MØRE SMØKE!. There's a line in noisecore, much like in free jazz and experimental electronics, where the chaos itself becomes an instrument. Where the oppressive brutality becomes a comfort. This is really an unrealized piece of commentary on the state of our Humanity, where utter disarray is a thing that brings us peace...but here we are. In this experiment, inner peace can be achieved in less than twenty two minutes. I present: Una Sonrisa a la Musica Ruidosa.

10 October 2021



These Southern California must have come and gone in a flash, because this 2014 slammer is all I've got and I feel like I was reaching into the past before I even put the damn thing in the deck. Five pieces of primal hardcore that are over and done well before the eight minute mark. It's gruff, urgent - like garage punks but stuck in a cold warehouse for way too long. Sometimes the 'one and done' approach works...

09 October 2021


A disgustingly dark collection of stench from 1990s Oklahoma, BLACK DAHLIA released but one EP in their short existence, while RUPTURED SYSTEM's tracks never had any kind of public exposure at all (until now). Pretty sure that these kids had a few EL DOPA records between them, and the desperate nihilism translated well to the sometimes bleak reality in the middle of the country. I talked to Ross a fair bit about this tape and these bands yesterday - it was a fucking magic time when everything was possible perhaps because nothing was possible. He told me that Zach and Ron (who each played in both bands on this tape) died together in a brutal car accident in 2000...losing friends is never easy, but it's so much harder when your scene is this small and interconnected. So listen at maximum volume and appreciate what you've got. 

08 October 2021



The cover should really have all of the information you need to proceed - 1960s ska instrumentals recorded by some of the most legendary names in the game. This compilation was put together by Trojan in the late '80s...and it's as great as you think it might be. 



07 October 2021



Another brooding dose from SIERPIEN - I feel like I could sprinkle their entire discography over these pages and never hear a complaint.  2016's Смердит До Самых Звёзд (Stench Up To Heaven) is among their most fully realized releases...eight pieces of introspective and moody (and danceable) goth led by a hesitant guitar that is balanced by a shockingly confident booming baritone coming out of the sonic shadows. You put it on and it just removes you completely, and I love a recording that can do that.