21 July 2024



Fist banging beer pounding street punk from San Jose.
  Walk these streets is what we do / Can't you see that we're sick of you.
I'm wondering what exactly it is you're waiting for, punk? 


20 July 2024


When MOCK EXECUTION exploded out of Chicago a few years ago it kinda felt like the floor dropped out from underneath me. It wasn't that we'd never heard anything like them, it was just that MOCK EXECUTION did the shit better. The riffs were fire (like, every single riff was fire) and the delivery harnessed a ferocity that defied description. And now....a half decade and several heralded vinyl releases after that first tape split my ears into pieces, Milwaukee's Unlawful Assembly gives them a platform to demonstrate that they still dominate the cassette format. 

19 July 2024



You think it's going to be a tape with songs about hot dogs when you pick it up at the thrift store, and it's only a quarter so fuck it, right? But there are no songs about hot dogs. There's a song called "Makin' Whoopee" and there are some show tunes from Milk And Honey and Marry Me! Marry Me! and I'm really not sure that any other songs have anything to to with hot dogs except "Coney Island" but even that's a stretch. I used to eat hot dogs on Roman Meal wheat bread with mayonnaise.

18 July 2024



Sometimes it's wise to sit down and take stock of your surroundings before you blast a cassette for the first time because, if you're like me, you might find yourself lost, confused and searching for your ass after the first track. It can be disorienting to not know where (or who) you are when you realize that your ass has just been blown off, so I suggest proper preparation before blasting WEAPONIZED FLESH for the first time. After that first listen? After that first blasting? Game on, motherfucker - you're gonna realize that you didn't even need that ass anyway and the whole Who am I? Where am I? quandry is going to see so very petty and meaningless. 

17 July 2024



Face ripping grindcrust from Naga, Philippines, rooted firmly in 2000s fastcore/thrash mania. You only get ten minutes here (two of which are spent on samples in the truest '90 PV/grind/crust tradition) but MALICIOUS EXISTENCE prove their point on the eponymous opening track and spend the rest of the tape driving it home. Crushing slows are your only respite until "Personal Hell" comes to a merciful end and you can exhale - this is an all killer, no filler, no bullshit, black clad sonic assault. There's more where this came from, but Operation Noise Pollution will keep you busy for a brutal minute.

16 July 2024



Some of the nastiest raw black metalpunk I have ever heard comes from Budapest. Paper thin no-fi treble rebels blasting impossibly bleak sonic destruction over the course of six movements....steel yourselves. You're welcome.

15 July 2024


If the punx aren't doing it for the punx, then why are the punx even punx?