20 June 2019


Someone want to help the rest of us out with this one? The home-copied tape has the seminal 1987 Digging In Water compilation, plus these six insanely crucial UK punk tracks attributed to MURDER BURGER. "Every Eight Seconds" was recorded by DISORDER (it took me a while to realize why it sounded so familiar), but everything else here was new to my ears....and it's all sick. The recording (and/or) reproduction is a little rough, but MURDER BURGER offer quintessential UK anarcho with gusto (check the raw churner "De-Liberation") and I'm fully addicted. I want to know more, and I want everything to remain a mystery. Anti-patriarchal, pro-animal rights, clenched fist pogo punk...

19 June 2019


It's like if you could cram the greatest party ever onto 1/8" magnetic tape. That's what NATUAL MAN & THE FLAMIN' HOT BAND sounds like. High energy rock 'n roll drenched in saxophone and layered layers of back up vocals and soul-filled ass shakers - like BIG BOYS and DEVO and CCTV and DEAD MILKMEN and all that shit. I can only imagine what kind of energy these kids put off in the flesh, but I hope to someday turn imagination into reality. 

18 June 2019


From a blip on the Bay Area radar to a looming behemoth on our current landscape. THESE BASTARDS have been not so quietly laying waste to every out of the way venue they can find for a couple of years now, but they released Old And Pissed last year and....fukk. Irreverent, erratic West Bay insanity with manic blasts and riffs that defy explanation. The demo was good, and while you always kinda hope that a band progresses after their first recording - THESE BASTARDS went straight steamroller on the tracks, and the recording is full and filthy. Relevant brutality from some serious OGs - members of MORBID LIFE SOCIETY, SLOBBER, VENKMAN, AGENTS OF SATAN....if you get it, then you get it. Choice cut: "Red Snake Whip."

Released as a 12 minute EP, but a choice few copies got crammed in plastic cassette shells to pass out to folks in Japan while Stoney was on vacation.  

17 June 2019


Short lived raucous San Francisco punks. One demo, that's it. 
Top Track: "Cosmic Psycho (Free Love Ministries)"

16 June 2019


I referred to UNEXAMINE as "violent" and "abrasive" and "exceptionally dark" when I shared 2014's Property in these pages. In the four years between that release and the unveiling of Lower Animal last year, I dare say that this monster has only grown more fierce. 40+ minutes of formidably harsh noise...this is what it sounds like to get your ass kicked in the middle of an unrelenting avalanche of steel. You will probably want to tear yourself away at some point, this is exhausting. 

15 June 2019


Copped these bangers off of the same mix tape that gave us the Who Cares comp, continuing evidence that the more you learn the more you learn that you don't know....or know about. Los Angeles' THE CHEIFS (their spelling, not a typo) produced those Who Cares tracks and the now $400 Blues EP in 1980...and that was it - even the comprehensive discography reissue only managed a half dozen extra cuts (all bangers though). So here's Blues plus "The Lonelies," eight filthy raw smoking minutes of early California punk.

All hail early tape traders, and Dr. Strange re-issued that discography most recently...you never know what you find when you start digging.

14 June 2019


If you pay attention, then you've probably heard that Hattiesburg, Mississippi has been the coolest uncool spot in North America for the last few years. Reports of shows there are almost universally positive, and the vibe from the punks I've met from there is positive to say the least. Also....the bands kill, and that helps. There's something weird and awesome about one conversation with one person moving from CAPITALIST CASUALTIES shows in the '90s to the political climate in Jefferson County, where my mother grew up and the road in front of her house was informally named for her father and her high school was still segregate until after she graduated. But I'm not here to talk about the history of Mississippi, I'm here to talk about EYE JAMMY and DUMSPELL and DEEDEE CATPISS & THE FUZZCOFFINS. Because Hattiesburg punk rules, ok? They rolled deep and they support the hell out of each other and they make you feel like you wish that you lived in a scene that was as tight as theirs...which makes you wonder why you don't work harder to make your own scene like theird. JUDY & THE JERKS, SOFT SPOT, PLEATHER and DISCO LEMONADE round out the mix, and one listen will have this college hamlet on the "must hit" list for your next tour. 

13 June 2019


Can we talk about how good this band is? I mean, alternately I can just post a link to the demo (and the band) and you can listen and then we can discuss. Or you can just accept that SWEATS are really fukkn good and we can discuss from there. Up to you. Actually it's not - I'm the one typing. They are good. So yeah...let's talk about hardcore. You like hardcore? Cool. Me too. Turns out we all like SWEATS. I'm still trying to figure out why there's only one demo but hey - I'll take what I can get when it's this fierce. 

12 June 2019


I don't really need to try to dig deeper here than the obvious, so......guilty immersion, modern electronic club/DJ sounds on this 2015 collaboration. It builds, each cut adding layers and creating moods, and when everything clicks it hits me just fukkn right. If you're looking for guitars....I'll see you tomorrow. 

11 June 2019


Why not spend another day in Texas? The Valley this time, for IDLE VISION's smart 2015 sleeper filled with '80s Rough Trade sensibilities and offered with a shroud of swing that the modern dark/art rehash set seems to be constantly reaching for. BLURT meets EDDY CURRENT at a Valley Girl screening? Ahhhh, never mind the comparisons, if they aren't off target then they are surely pretentious. Just listen as they drop the would be/should be movie soundtrack standout "Soft Girl" right in the middle of five ice cold stunners....yeah, Valley punks are geniuses. 

Covered In Blood....