12 April 2024


Sometimes you just need to pop it in and crank it up, and sometimes I'm here to help. Here's an absolute banger from start to finish, packed with some straight up classics. SHATTERED FAITH and the only US BOMBS recording that matters mingle with the HITLER SS split with TAMPX and a few choice cuts from PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT and HUMPERS, all backed with an entire side of VKTMS. Whether you're just getting started or you feel like letting someone else take the wheel, this tape rescued from a would-be throw away box of unmarked cassettes is going to be the soundtrack for your day.

Also I kinda feel like I just wrote the copy for a mix tape infomercial and I wish that had been a thing in the '80s because I for sure would have bought one...probably the whole set. 

11 April 2024



Sometimes I'm (slightly) torn with proper live releases. Like, they should probably go on Escape Is Terminal but really that blog is more for live recordings and not live releases, but also I am more or less the boss around here really I can put whatever I want wherever I want it....so WET SPECIMENS are here (also they are here). Two bleak hardcore slammers and a dark WIRE cover - seven minutes of howling upstate New York mania for your earholes on a Thursday morning. Worth noting that the Johnny Moped set I posted on that other blog earlier this week is a total face melter. 

10 April 2024



Folks are gonna be sifting through the under the radar remnants left behind by the mid-teens for years to come. Like beach explorers with metal detectors, confident that if they just keep their eyes open they will uncover a forgotten (or passed over) gem. And herre I am, completing the metaphor while blasting some 2015 Denver hardcore before work on a Wednesday in 2024. BLANK BODIES has a disorienting lower register that makes me queasy and a raw, open throttle assault that is enviable in any era. Five songs in six minutes. Get in, get it down, get out...and never stop searching. 



Before I listened to this tape I tripped out on the cover and the title for a while. Something about the title specifically made me think of BASTARD NOISE - an easy through line when you say "skull tones" - and CASIO TONES FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE, which honestly makes a lot less sense but you can't always control where your thoughts go, right? But the trip is....this 2015 recording kinda lands like a weird amalgamation of those two disparate entities and I am so totally here for it. Brooding and monotonous electronics, delivered with patience and purposes...as if we didn't need any more harsh realities and/or skull tones in our lives (hint: we do...we all do)

09 April 2024



I'm going to guess that most North American DIY thrashcore/grindcore/fastcore freaks were introduced to this German outfit the same way I was - either the EP on 625 and/or the immaculately packaged split 5" with IRON LUNG. All of the tracks from those records are here rubbing elbows with their demo, a healthy batch of live recordings and a 12" that I never knew existed until this tape landed in my lap. Relentless start/stop mania with face numbing blast beats and throat shredding vocals, not sure what more you could ask for, really. The uninitiated might want to take a deep breath before diving in (57 tracks is a lot of fukkn tracks when you're talking about sixty second blasts), but just let those blast beats wash over you and feel the joy of New Century Euro-Grind fill your old, jaded veins. 

08 April 2024



I'm in Arkansas today, trying to sneak a peak at a mind melting astronomical event. You're at work, cranking some maniacal glue sniffing hardcore punk squirms from deep in the heart of Georgia. The way I see it, we're both winning. 

07 April 2024



The doors that open when you hear a thing for the first time, when a sound comes to you at the right time and in the right place. You can't explain these doors or the paths that they expose, but you can look beyond and walk down those paths....sometimes it's a sonic journey and sometimes a spiritual one. But the best journeys are both, and the self titled 2016 cassette from MULTA NOX is absolutely both. Treat this recording like a half hour meditation instead of a sound sculpture or anything approaching "music" and you'll be rewarded. Multa Nox is not easy listening, particularly not when experienced properly. Multa Nox is for deep listening....let the sound wash over you, and bathe yourself in regret and retrospection and hope. And walk through the doors. All of them.