18 May 2010


Four members in this West German band, and still they couldn't track down a guitarist? What the hell is wrong with people?! Clearly this was an attempt to make something "different," and I grudgingly confess that on most of this demo SHARON TATE'S CHILDREN succeeded. No song titles to share, but bass and organ drive these four tunes and it all lands somewhere between arty late 70s proto punk (only a decade too late) and late 60s heavy psych (only two decades too late). I think that with ordinary keyboards, this would be total crap, but the organ gives it a scary carnival feel and makes the mid tempo dirges seem eerie and off kilter. I could easily imagine this music coming out of a very fashionable and hip scene circa 2010, but we would all find some way to dismiss it, and instead talk about how those new kids can't hold a candle to SHARON TATE'S CHILDREN, then we would pat ourselves on the back for simply knowing who SHARON TATE'S CHILDREN are and revel in the fact that we are more worldly and experienced than those young upstarts and who were those kids fooling thinking they could make music as authentic as the stuff that we like? 

But seriously, fans of THE VANISHING, THE VSS, CHROMATICS and SUBTONIX might want to check this out, because when put in that context, SHARON TATE'S CHILDREN do indeed sound ahead of their time, even if they did not necessarily weather that time all that well.


Aesop said...

Really awesome, and you are right.

B.N.Fanzine said...

Hi do you know if this band is from Belgium????

Any tracklist???