09 May 2010


So last week I pulled this tape out, hadn't listened to it in years, and holy shit!! I forgot how much this thing rips. I started converting these six scorchers to a handy digital format so I could share them with you and cruised the 'nerd looking for a little more background. San Diego's DIATRIBE were around for just a few years and left us with a cassette only demo that blows doors on most mid 80s HC from anywhere on earth, they took the best moments of DISCHARGE and added a CRUCIFIX ferocity  - that much I knew. But what I didn't know is that they were back in action...well, kinda. I found the band's myspace page and in the comments section is a brief argument between the singer (side note: the singer is Vinnie Fono, later frontman for 90s bands CHRONIC THRILL and SHITGIVITS, who set up the first couple of shows I played in San Diego. Back then we thought he was ancient and crazy, but he treated us well) and the guitarist...it seems Vinnie has assembled a new band that features exactly one member from the 90s DIATRIBE: Vinnie Fono. A few days later I was trolling a message board (no disparaging comments, I'm not proud of it...and besides - you are trolling a blog right now, aren't you?) and DIATRIBE came up as one of the finest under known 80s USHC bands, and then came this link to a story about the "reunited" DIATRIBE and an argument in the comments section that will make your head spin. Sad to see this six song legacy being tainted by decades old divisions, but none of this changes the fact that these tunes will melt your face. Classic American hardcore.


Kängnäve said...

One of my favorite "cassette only" bands of the 80s, for sure. This demo was pressed on wax twice: first by UK's Revoltation Records (featuring an extra comp track... I guess that version is a bootleg?), then a couple of years ago by Get Revenge (US). Sick shit!!

ViNNiE F0N0 said...

Hey thanks for the cool comments.
will have some live songs up soon.