17 May 2010


Boston's BLOODY GEARS just do it right. The opening guitar lick could be from a long lost SUPERCHUNK tune, the band comes in and instantly I wish that FUCKED UP were still good, cause when they were good, they sounded like this BLOODY GEARS shit that I'm rocking right now. Add the vocals and I hear MOVING TARGETS (also from Boston, in case you're keeping track) and I was sold before the first song even hit the chorus. There are five songs on this tape, and they all rule - give me the chorus of "Running" over 90% of the shit I hear in any given day. The guitars are in the realm of Stan from ARCTIC FLOWERS/SIGNAL LOST, and the overall feel sits pretty close to the latter, but it's really all about the songs...great fukkn songs, and even better songwriting, something that is pretty rare. The band has their own blog here, and Deranged is releasing an EP from them soon.  


mikxxx said...

hey man you run a great blog..
and to extract tapes is a phenomenon. a good one.

if you like we can exchange links.


Honquijote said...

Thanks for an excellent post!