28 May 2010


The title says that PAH! is a punk compilation, but I think they should have called it a punk as fuck compilation. This C60 is all over the place, with rehearsal room antics from HIDEOUS MUSHROOMS, two killer tracks from PANIK ("Shit Can't Play Guitar" is a brilliant song, but could this possibly be the same band as THE PANIK who released the killer It Won't Sell EP in '77?), blown out live tunes from LOST CHEREES, one of which ("Noiz") is an instrumental I've not come across before.  RIOT/CLONE offer live recordings as well, and then REBELLIOUS YOUTH chill the mood way down with their electronic dub tune. X-CRETAS and A.P.F. BRIGADE are not surprisingly highlights, but HEALTH HAZZARD came out of left field with ultra catchy songs that made me revisit their older demos (and THE REFUGEES tape that will go up eventually). TOTAL CONTROL and WARNING round out the line up, making for the 60 punkest minutes of your Friday. Side B is way rougher...but then who amongst you dislikes a little chaos?  


Henk said...

Awesome! Always wanted to get this one.


living in the 80s said...

thank you very very much, i always want to listen this!!!
cant wait to download!!! :P


Slobodan Burgher said...

And HIT RANKING zine can be found here: http://punksishippies.blogspot.com/search?q=hit+ranking

Anonymous said...

A somewhat belated comment here..but I couldn't resist d/ling an album with a song on it called 'Shit Can't Play Guitar.' Lost Cherees were another incentive. And everything else was the proverbial icing on the cake.