16 May 2010


ABADDON should be well known to my well rounded readers, one of Poland's finest 80s exports blow through six songs on this tape, including a version of "Wet Za Wet" that has almost no discernable guitar...actually, most of the recording is lacking in the guitar department, but I'm not sure if this is a different recording or simply a bad reproduction. REJESTRACJA sound mellower on this practice tape than the recordings that I've heard before, but that voice is chilling even buried in a wash of cymbals. REJESTRACJA's only official appearance was on the 1986 Jak Punk To Punk compilation on released Polish state label Tonpress (ABADDON's "Wet Za Wet" was also featured), and their two songs make it easy to understand why people have been passing around practice and live tapes of this band for 25 years. Five songs here, and though I have no titles, I figure this guy might be able to help us out. This is the flip side to the TZN ZENNA tape posted a couple of weeks back.

Here's a short video from the Jarocin festival in 1982, I'm not sure if the REJESTRACJA performance is more interesting, or the footage of the Eastern Bloc punks putting safety pins through their cheeks. This whole film is well worth checking out, even if your Polish is rusty.

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Peter S said...

Abaddon songs are:
1. Kukly (The Puppets)
2. Wet za wet (Tit Fot Tat)
3. Boimy sie siebie (We Afraid Of Yoursef)
4. Kto? (Who?)
5. Apartheid (Apartheid)
6. 3 wojna swiatowa (3-rd World War)
This is low quality copy of their recording session for PRR Radio Station in Bydgoszcz, March 1985.
Much better quality (+ live in Poznan, February 1985) is here: http://stilon-c60.blogspot.com/2009/05/abaddon-nie-ma-winnych-sa-tylko.html

Rejestracja: I don't know what is the track one, but certainly it isn't Rejestracja. Other tracks are:
2. Radio (Radio)
3. Ekologia (Ecology)
4. Nie dajmy nadejsc burzy (Don't Let The Storm Go Breaking)
5. Planowanie (The Planning)
This is part of their rehearsal, May 1985. Full version and much more:
Rejestracja has reformed recently and re-recorded some old tracks for the brand-new LP/CD 'Uwolnij sie'