24 May 2010


This band kinda exploded in the mid 00s, their live sets were in a league memories of NO JUSTICE, but FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES absolutely had the tunes to back it up. This three song demo was for their first batch of out-of-Minneapolis gigs, the first of which was in Milwaukee. Also worth noting that at that Milwaukee show, their fill-in bass player (who now sings for this band) met them at the show and kinda learned some of the songs half assed in the kitchen...but the whole place erupted, so John's mastery of the songs was merely an afterthought. The JUNKIES blast through "Shitty Life," "Total Wreck" and "Nuke The Frats" in just over three minutes, and you can hear shades of DC circa 81 (but sped up) and Midwest circa 80 something, and all of it is crammed through a fuck-shit-up filter and the don't-give-a-fuck-o-meter is pegged on 11. There are several records you need to track down if you don't already have them, and a couple of the dudes have become the moguls at the helm of Fashionable Idiots Records, who put out some records that totally rule, and others that fucking suck.  Too bad you're going to have to buy all of them to figure out which ones are which.

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