20 May 2010


This should fall in the "needs no introduction" category. Holland's GEPØPEL were exposed to the outside world via this crucial BCT Presents split cassette in 1985 (I skipped the FUNERAL ORATION stuff because most of the tracks are either on this demo or their second one which is gonna go up here eventually). Totally raging simple hardcore delivered at a blistering pace (except for "Slecht," which is painfully slow) with the same endearing vocal delivery that makes early FUNERAL ORATION so hopelessly catchy. If you haven't heard this, then you need to get on board...cheers to Blake for lending me the original for this one, way better than the fourth generation copy that introduced me to this band.




hey gonna post uk punk anytime soon

the wizard said...

it hasn't even been ten days yet!!

(yes, of course I am)

Doug said...

this shit is so good. wish i could find the funeral oration side, can't find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get a link/upload of the Funeral Oration side? Thanks!