30 May 2010


I know this demo has been posted elsewhere, and traded for years before there was an internet to post on, but these songs are too good for me to not add one more set of files to the mix. Aside from the We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor Mortarhate comp, this 1983 demo was CORPSE's only release, but these songs are of legendary caliber. Classic anarchopunk with plodding UK82 drumbeats and lyrics almost as visceral as the guitars. At times CORPSE are gloriously off, like the vocals in "Opium Den" or the out of tune bass in "Anger," but this tape should be mandatory listening for all young punks.  Prepare yourself for the finest quarter hour of your day.


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living in the 80s said...

this is an incredible demo, always want to see more info about this demo, thanx!

here is an interview, some pictures and some lyrics of this demo.


Slobodan Burgher said...

awesome cheers