31 January 2011


The guitars, man...it's all about the fukkn guitars. A sharp and clean staccato attack, like '80s Italian hardcore playing Oi, but they are singing in Spanish and this shit is from Los Angeles. DRAPETOMANIA is the latest installment from the Silenzio Statico label, and if there was any doubt left as to the impact these kids are making on punks around the world (and I cannot imagine that there is a shred of doubt remaining), then one listen to "Cicatris" should erase it completely. A killer South American twist on UK82 punk rock - fukkn great of course, enjoy.

30 January 2011


A tasty platter for anyone who is still foolish enough to think that raucous noisy distorted punk is solely the domain of humans born with cocks. "Puke" is the winning track, though the combination of raw Scandi-core, determined midwest punk and UK82 beats works perfectly throughout these seven songs. Dig the hollow and fierce sounding bass, and an urgency in the vocals that owes debts of inspiration to more personal genres far removed from this glorious noise. These Minneapolis women fukkn slay, and make me bummed that we decided to route our March tour away from Minneapolis....shit.


This one is a total crusher put together for the current OCCULT BLOOD/IVENS US Tour. The A side, a collaborative track from both outfits, is a dark and devastating noise/hip hop hybrid that I could never imagine being half as good as it actually is - this is a brilliantly conceived and perfectly joint effort. On the flip, noise tracks from UN a.k.a. TURDS OF PREY, LLOYD HONEYBROOK, and Terminal Escape regulars OCCULT BLOOD. This tape is short, to the point, and awesome. 

Oakland, go see them tonight at Haz Mat. East Coast, tour starts tomorrow. Live, these acts are a total assault, numbingly loud and constantly on edge. Treat yourself, you've earned it.

29 January 2011


Atmospheric death metal from the Crepsuculo Negro family - I am fully aware that I am not the person who should be writing about the intricacies and distinct qualities of different sub-genres of metal, so I'll leave that to Aesop. I do know that this shit is perfect for dark misty nights, and I feel a bit dirty and out of sorts when  the tape is finished...but still very content. GLOSSOLALIA are haunting, ugly, and beautiful, and I cannot recommend this enough.

28 January 2011


A quick look at the cover and you should know that you need this in your life. An absolutely killer collection of '80s Deutsch Punk and German hardcore featuring bands you know from being a punk (UPRIGHT CITIZENS, NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES, SPERMBIRDS), bands you know from Terminal Escape (S.O.S. made an appearance in the very first Friday Mix Tape, in fact) and bands you need to know (ANTITOXIN, F.O.H., NIKOTEENS). Some of the tracks suffer from subpar live recordings (B.S.E. and ATOMSCHLAG most notably), but this is 90 minutes of quality German hardcore/punk with it's requisite catchy choruses and infectious guitar work, worth it for the INFERNO tracks alone, and someone was nice enough to throw in some live SUBHUMANS and Canada's brilliant DOWN SYNDROME to give things an international flare. Or maybe it was just an attempt to move a few dozen extra units.

27 January 2011


On their full length releases, Tokyo's ASSAULT formed a perfect bridge between traditional Japanese hardcore and the more melodic guitars that came out of '90s emo and joined forces with Swedish crust to infiltrate the American scene. The two ASSAULT long players are relentless and essential slabs, and this demo is an introduction to the brilliance that would follow. Four galloping burners, with guitar solos where appropriate and the kind of shouted vocals that only seem to come from Japan. If you saw them on their 2002 US tour with D.S.B. and FROM ASHES RISE then you know this is awesome (I'll have to take your word for it, as I managed to miss them entirely), but whether you saw them or not, you need these tunes in your life. Member(s) still continue in the band ALLIANCE.

26 January 2011


I know I've posted a few blind tapes from bands I know little about, or demos that feature few clues as to their origins, but this time all I can offer is a band name, 8 gruff UK punk numbers, and a year. After the blatant MOTORHEAD lift from the opening riff, JDF slow the tempo for most of the rest of the demo and rip through pissed, midpaced and slightly metallic Oi punk jams. There is a mysterious dub/thrash song that works shockingly well, and the last tune is a chaotic burner that is easily worth the whole tape on its own. The vocals throughout are reminiscent of THE BLOOD, but with more fire behind them, though JDF are far more rudimentary than that comparison might imply. I wish I knew something about the band, but aside from the disdain for Maggie Thatcher suggesting that JDF are from England, I have nothing to offer. Nothing, that is, except a demo....enjoy.

25 January 2011


Can you imagine '80s Southern California skate punks crossing over into the world of college rock but still managing to sound like punks? ADOLESCENTS meets PAVEMENT seems like a ridiculous description, though these post-adolescents seem to be stuck between two worlds, and it shows in their songwriting and delivery. Hardcore definitely wins this battle, but just think about how bands like HÜSKER DÜ and DESCENDENTS started blurring subgenre lines later in their careers and translate that evolution to a young band from SF influenced by 20 years of punk. The guitar work alone makes this a winner, and then you start to notice how fukkn awesome the songs are ("Violence" is damn near a perfect punk tune). Members of some of my favorite current Bay Area bands (YADOKAI, ECOLI, and the short lived VACANT ROOMS among others)...

This was released on cassette by Tank Crimes, who felt it necessary to make vinyl records too. Clearly, this is a label with excellent taste.

24 January 2011


Florida's most notable contribution to the world of noisy Japan hardcore worship, MAUSER dropped this demo last year and I was sold instantly. Great songs, relentless pace, perfectly noisy recording...this is what Noise Punk Mondays are all about, listening to this now makes me even more bummed that their show in SF didn't work out. Vinyl Rites put out the recent EP, but they are already gone, so I suggest your local punk record distro for your copy.

23 January 2011


Mid '90s Italian hardcore that does a great job of importing the feel of the early Italian greats into the sound of their US and Euro contemporaries. Sometimes it doesn't quite work ("Uccidi" most notably), but most of this demo is a ripping presentation of NEGAZIONE styled clatter stuck between CRUDOS and early FUGAZI - it's a confusing mix and it totally works.

22 January 2011


Olympia's HELL WOMAN trudge through bass heavy '90s influenced tunes that fall in line with the SMUT/LUNACHICKS world, tough they manifest as a much dirtier animal than any of those bands. Songs like "Go," "Fringe" and "Purple Corvette" enter a world I haven't heard since the demise of LOST GOAT, one of San Francisco's greatest, though HELL WOMAN is more primitive and stripped down than that comparison might imply. The recording is raw, and some of their nuances might be lost as a result, but this demo is fierce nonetheless, and packed with nods to dark '70s rock soaked in a nonsensical but wholly effective hybrid of goth ("Last"), riot grrl ("Hit") and grunge ("Bleed").

21 January 2011


BCT devoted a thousands of plastic cassette shells to the task of spreading Italian hardcore around the world, and I think that this is the finest of all of the comps that they put out. There are piercing high end guitar assaults right next to perfectly crafted full-fi hardcore acts, and every band included is fukkn great.  This tape was a straight repress of an Italian cassette comp of the same name, though the BCT version featured different artwork. Neither version, of course, features liner notes laid out in a manner that can definitively tell the uninitiated listener which band is which, and I'm afraid that I am not going to be able to help you in that department. Sure, some of this shit is a no brainer, but I know so little about bands like PUTRID FEVER and S.D.P. that in the interest of not making a fool of myself by mislabeling shit, I didn't name any of this shit. I put each of the like sounding bands onto their own track, so several tracks contain 3-4 songs. If this is confusing - don't blame me, blame the Italians and the BCT dude. The insert in all of it's non-informative glory is scanned below, and between that and a quick google search (or bing it, I'm not particular) you have all of the information that I have, and you are welcome to re-name my moniker-free tracks as you wish. What it really came down to was that no matter who some of these bands are, the shit completely rules....like really hard, especially towards the end when things start mellowing out a bit after you've been raging for a full 45 minutes. Some days it's better to share than to inform, and today is one of those days.


20 January 2011


Hollow and raw blistering hardcore from Southern Texas. The guitars are way off in the background, but have a killer aura about them, while the vocals are the clear focus of this tape. Spanish language chaotic hardcore - B.S.A. personnel if anyone if keeping track.

19 January 2011


After I posted their 2009 demo last year, Vincent from TELECOMMANDE was nice enough to send their cassette discography my way - call it a "tapeography" if you like, this combines their 2008 & '09 releases in one handy red plastic shell. No sense in reposting the B side, since those of you with taste have already snagged it here, so today I offer you the first TELECOMMANDE demo tape. Brilliant synth driven punk jams that will have your ass shaking all over the office...or bedroom, or warehouse, or wherever it is you find yourself today.

18 January 2011


Australian hardcore circa 1985, DEATH SENTENCE are too punk to be a thrash band, but the fast parts on these tunes are jaw dropping - especially if you like your fast to be fast. A few of these songs appeared on the CD discography that came out a few years ago on Burrito Records (pulled from a different demo session and the 51st State Of America record) - and they fukkn rip. This is '80s USHC on crack, with reworked NEGATIVE APPROACH and SSD tunes to confirm the comparison, and a 15 minute live set also from '85 on the flipside.

17 January 2011


Just like you like it: raw and brutal Dbeat attack from Vancouver. VACCUUM played with UNLEARN and  last year and they just leveled the place - it was 20 minutes of pure distortion and maximum volume with guitar torture worthy of comparisons to the greats. This one is over in a flash, so prepare for the most pummeling 8 minutes of your day...

16 January 2011


Something's in the water in Austin - DESKONOCIDOS, ALTARS, SACRED SHOCK, VAASKA, CRIATURAS (shit, I need to get that demo up here) and now WOMEN IN PRISON. It's hard to tell if this is killer garage punk with hardcore undertones or if WOMEN IN PRISON are a hardcore band honing their craft with the knowledgeable and fashionable wherewithal of punks well studied in fields of chaotic melodies, rock and roll hooks and the power of reverb. Listen to "Reaction"and let the debate begin.

15 January 2011


Fast as shit, totally pissed; if you want something more from your music then perhaps you should look elsewhere. BANZAI 606 recorded this back in 2002, and it still sounds brutal as all hell - the only time the put on the brakes is during the breaks (get the wordplay?) like the last 0:14 of "I'm Myself," which are perhaps the best 0:14 on the whole tape. Gnarly hoarse vocals and very sporadic guitar leads stand out, though mostly this just crushes. Released by Disarmament a long time ago.

14 January 2011


A brilliant idea, executed to near perfection. Toronto's FUCKED UP are probably well known to most of you as a band who released a few killer EPs, followed them up with a confusing but still pretty darn good double LP, and then parlayed their self generated hype machine into a bizarre form of mainstream credibility and what is shaping up to be a wholly uninteresting catalog of recorded material on Matador and Vice. But before they dove headfirst into their own hooplah and started making yawn inducing records, FUCKED UP released this mix tape to entertain listeners, debut some songs that were new to those not lucky enough to have seen the band live (I've seen them only once, in 2004 in Chicago, and I was kinda pissed that they were awesome - when everyone says a band rules, there's a part of me that wants to hate them...but they were too damn good, and I couldn't do it), and shine the spotlight on some other new Toronto bands. URBAN BLIGHT, PINK EYE, TERMINAL STATE, NUBS, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, NUBS, UNDERTONES, DIRTY BLACK SUMMER and CAREER SUICIDE are all featured, but various FUCKED UP blips, live bits and interview snippets keep this from rolling like just another ordinary mix tape. Great stuff from what could have been a great band....and they invited their friends. 

Only complaint: I want to hear the KELLY CLARKSON cover start to finish please.

13 January 2011


More thrash than their Spoilsport demo, and more awesome too - "Ballad Of The Dead" from that '86 demo given the treatment here, and it benefits from the revved up and motorcharged assault. S//S//C mentioned that the CITY INDIANS drummer later played for CONCRETE SOX, and that would be an obvious comparison for this recording, though I think the quiet, dark and introspectively anarcho sounding "Is Anyone Listening" steals the tape for me. 9 songs appear on this 1987 cassette, with a half hour live set from their home town of Derby on the flip side; a few glitches on the studio side, but that just makes it more punk.

12 January 2011


Smart and pissed feminist hardcore from Montreal - every bit as on point lyrically as they are crushing musically. Think burly '80s Boston...raw and fukkn venomous. Awesome.

- "Make Waves" -
women are to be seen and not heard
nah, we left that in the norm world
remember why we are here
make waves
fuck scenes
i want community

11 January 2011


This one came as a total shock - one look at the artwork and general presentation and I was expecting a crusty anarcho attack, but was instead greeted with 20 minutes of brilliantly written post punk with indie rock leanings. There is still an overt '80s UK angle, but the clean guitars fall more in line with YOUNG OFFENDERS than their namesakes (DISRUPTERS, duh), and there are pop sensibilities all over this thing. Overtly political, and songs like "Blind Acceptance" are nearly impossible to get out of your head. 1981 are from Finland, and their recent 3 song EP is every bit as good as this tape, highly recommended. Avoid this is you want brutal hardcore, devour this if you want great tunes. 

10 January 2011


Los Angeles noise punk masters, worshipping frequently at the foot of altars built in Japan and Scandinavia. DEAD NOISE are finished, but members continue in THE HELPLESS. A raw and hollow blistering attack, happy Monday.

09 January 2011


SEDES were one of the earliest Polish punk bands, starting to play around 1980/81 and after several lineup changes they called it quits in '85. The band was reassembled by the vocalist in 1991, and this tape release followed the next year while the membership continued to (r)evolve. I posted a few SEDES songs on a Polish mix tape last year, live tracks probably from the Jarocin festival in '84, that are predictably more primitive than these studio tracks - "Swinie" still comes off as perfect Eastern punk when given the proper treatment here, while the title track sounds far too slick. SEDES kicked around throughout the '90s, still switching members often, and cranked out a few more full lengths. Cheers to Matt from finding this on The Machine and letting me share it here. 

08 January 2011


Totally infectious and trashy noisy bubble gum pop from Southern California. Covering topical issues like masturbation, smoking, languishing in love, beating off, unprotected sex and (perhaps not surprisingly) life as a single man, CUM STAIN combine REIGNING SOUND's hooks and 50 MILLION's delivery and distort the whole thing to hell with brilliantly fuzzed out guitars. Did I mention they sing about beating off? "Bachelor's Life" might be the snotty garage pop song of 2010.

07 January 2011


All modesty aside, I think the last three comps I posted were total fukkn killers...and I see no reason to start making Fridays any less awesome today. BCT should need no introduction on a website dedicated to punk tapes, and First Strike was their first release, unleashing unknown US hardcore on unsuspecting punks combing the pages of MRR looking for tasty jams. The punks who mailed in their $4 (17 years ago and the price was the same as today - inflation still evades the punks) for this tape were rewarded with 60 near perfect minutes of blistering earnest hardcore. Milwaukee's CLITBOYS start the party with 8 songs, most of which can be found on their brilliant EP - political and punk as shit, especially considering their locale. FUTURE RUINS have a slight UK tinge, but their raucous thrashy punk is fronted by melodic USHC vocals and it works great - if you like to be confused (I do, so I place myself in the "fan" column). VIOLATION (from fukkn Maine), and VATICAN COMMANDOS (yeah, the band that MOBY played guitar in for a few months), are raging hardcore, the kind of shit that makes the genre awesome. SKOUNDRELZ are slightly more blah and more rock influenced, while MR. EPP take the hardcore approach and inject heaps of drugs into the mix (a good idea, at least in this case). POISON CENTER just fukkn rip, most of these songs are simply raw as hell (which is not a problem at all), while EAT THE RICH are San Jose's sunbaked-don't-give-a-fuck version Midwest hardcore and CULTURAL BREAKTHOUGH wrap shit up with three live and raw bangers...if you don't love hardcore after this tape is done, then you need to get your ears flushed.

06 January 2011


Here's the last part of the tape that gave you CRUX and EXIT STANCE a month back. RABID DOGS are well executed driving UK punk - you know, the kind of stuff you like. Solid board recording from Brighton in 1984, get into it.

05 January 2011


10 minutes of blown out raw hardcore punk, rudimentary and ferocious. Female vocals set to that classic chaotic clattering that you punks love - sometimes it's in tune (sometimes not so much), sometimes it sounds like UK85 thrash on speed, sometimes it sounds like Scandinavia put in a blender. "Invasion Force" is the jam here, but all of these will appeal to fans of fast, simple hardcore (note: this recording is RAW). Members of ACID REFLUX and NUCLEAR FAMILY, this was recorded in the mid '00s (I wanna say 2005?)...and my love affair with Albany bands continues.


04 January 2011


Finnish legends RATTUS were unleashed domestically by BCT in 1984 with this cassette, made up mostly of material from their earlier, harder to find records. Why they started the tape with "Rockabilly Reagan" is a mystery, but the rest of the tape more than makes up for this minor indiscretion (though perhaps we could have done without one of the two "Horror Business" covers that wrap up the release). This is mandatory hardcore.

English translations for the song titles, recording dates and member info are all included in this scan, if you feel inclined to study up:

03 January 2011


All you shoelace on the forehead wearing CONFUSE listening Bristol '82 through a distortion box worshipping maniacs are about to get bummed...but you need your narrow parameters expanded anyhow, and I'm here to help. I'm always just here to help. This is the second installment from the collaboration that gave us SNUFF FILM last year - members of MIGRAINE and ECOLI joining forces and making a horrific ruckus (all members of both bands appear on both tapes). DELICACIES OF CONSUMING HUMAN FLESH veers more down an awkward and experimental path, and the result is something akin to a noisy free jazz version of MOHINDER without the blasting. I know that Noise Punk Mondays have been mostly dedicated to spikes and studs...but fukk man, this shit is noisy and punk, so why the hell should these normal dressing short hairs miss out on all the fun?

02 January 2011


Sheer brutality from Texas. Female fronted terror that lands squarely a the grey area surrounded by hardcore, powerviolence, crust and fastcore...rammed with distain and venom. This tape was released by Financial Ruin in 2009 but is long gone, and the EP on RSR kills. 6 songs, 6 minutes, playing tonight in Oakland at the dirty place.