16 October 2018


Nothing like a six minute blast of disgustly raw Canadian metalpunk to kick your day in the ass, right? PUNISHER are pure filth, unrestrained nihilism....a collection of terrifying stomps and ominous growls interrupted by bursts of awkward but determined dark hardcore. Try looking at the world through this lens and you might start to feel as uncomfortable as PUNISHER sound. 

15 October 2018


It's just good ass hardcore punk music. ENEMY are raw as fukk, with blasted guitars and a hollow sounding bass. The mix kinda varies from track to track in the way that made countless '80s records infinitely more interesting, and they drop guitar leads when they need to (not because they feel like they should). The drums are relentless, like some weirdo rock/rock solid raw punk metronome because they sound more like some fuck you garage punk band than this serious fukkn beast of a demo....ENEMY is really good, y'all - that's what I'm trying to say. Like, REALLY good. 

14 October 2018


SHIT COFFINS hit the road wit these Tokyo rippers a couple of months ago - sweetest dudes, and absolutely raging on stage. Many bands have a live energy that cannot be harnessed by magnetic tape, and I don't think I'm alone when I say that this is even more likely the case when the the bands are from Japan. And still, I don't think people knew what hit them when COMMUNICATES blew through town. Full throttle, maximum energy, and non stop positive vibes....plus Koki's leads are just ridiculous. After a decade in the game, their discography is limited to two (excellent) EPs and a split with SQUARE THE CIRCLE, and now this raw ass seven song banger that they recorded themselves before the tour in August. I'll get back in the van with these four gentlemen any damn day - 行くぞ!!!

(COMMUNICATES at Bert Vaughn's Desert View Tower. Jacumba, California)

13 October 2018


Why is it called Orange Soda Tape? I dunno, punk, maybe it's because they like orange soda - weird beverages are popular in the United States Of America (y'all ever heard of Big Red? But then again, Germany has Schwip Schwap, so maybe I shouldn't point the finger solely inward). But the real thing is that when you crank the tunes on this 2007 BLACK MARK demo, you're gonna stop caring about the title of the goddamned demo and start wondering why you aren't moshing. Hard. Because "Shut Down" is a mandatory banger and the rest of these tracks fall right the fukk in line. This band is (was) pre KEINE KLASSE for those keeping real careful notes....for the rest of you punks, this is is ripping straight edge hardcore demo tape. 

12 October 2018


Six songs. Five minutes. Feisty punk. Chicago. One song is called "Massive Dump." The band is called BITCHIN' REALITY. We should be good now. 

11 October 2018


It's been fukkn years since these French maniac graced these pages, and honestly it's been almost as long since I've crammed a TELECOMMANDE tape into my earholes. Well....if I was trying to make the heart grow fonder in the face of forced longing and prolonged absence, then it worked! 2013's En Ligne De Mire was their final release (as far as I can tell) and as you can see, my copy came to me sans artwork. The band cared enough to send me a final errant cassette (though apparently not enough to hit the local office store and run me off a copy of the cover, but I swear I'm not complaining), and the twenty minutes of fun contained in that blue plastic shell are as appreciated as the thought itself. High energy, infectious punk rock a la SOVIETTES or THE SPITS, with a lazy synth casually carrying the base notes of each riff like an adoring puppy following its human around the park on a Sunday afternoon. I'm pretty sure I fukkd up the track IDs (it was late), but I'm also pretty sure that my mistakes will not negatively affect your listening experience....because you will be dancing too hard to notice.

Find my blithering on the two previous TELECOMMANDE releases here, though the links to the actual tracks are long long dead. Their bandcamp, however, is still very much alive. 

10 October 2018


Comparison are the laziest way to try to describe music, but sometimes the shit is just so out there that one's only recourse is to relate the sounds to something that you already know...something that you can put your finger on. So, while CURVED DOG doesn't sound like THE FALL, they share the same angular abrasiveness. And while there are only a few moments where I can actually say "oh man, that's some D. Boon shit right there," I still think that MINUTEMEN probably approached songwriting in much the same manner as CURVED DOG. And yeah, I want to say that somehow CURVED DOG land in between Sonic Death and ERASE ERRATA...even though objectively that doesn't make any sense at all. But that's how I compartmentalize CURVED DOG, and these are the things I think of when I pull out this 2013 demo. I also think that "2nd Hand Patois" is nothing short of brilliance, and that the guitar work on In Defense Of Plagiarism is actually closer to James Blood Ulmer than to D. Boon, but I digress....

09 October 2018


In 2000, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? released a CD with tracks from our first two recording sessions and we called it The First Year. Shortly afterwards, our pals in TEAR IT UP released The First Four Months disc in what seemed like a crafty move in a jovial game of oneupsmanship. Now....who the fukk are these St. Louis mutants with this First Three Months shit?! 16 tracks in three months? Y'all are just showing off! They back it up, however, so all my bloviating is just sour grapes. Full throttle Midwestern hardcore with vocals that make me think of Jerry A more than once, I saw CARDIAC ARREST a bunch of times here and there while we were living in Wisconsin and something never really clicked for m - they were always fast and tight, and they seemed like they were coming from the right place, but it just kinda fell flat when I saw them. But now, revisiting these bangers a decade later I am treated to a pile of ferocious, off the rails hardcore....it made me pull out a couple of wax slabs (also excellent), and it made me wonder what the fukk I had been missing. There's no moral here, no profundities, just a some anecdotes and a collection of ripping punk rock songs written and recorded over the course of three months in the early 2000s. 


08 October 2018


It sounds like what it is - an epic crust/Oi! hybrid collaboration from the depths of Singapore. Galloping DBeats drive backing vocals straight off of a BISHOPS GREEN record while UK street punk seeps into tracks like "Hormat Menghomati" that are still delivered as fiery SE Asian hardcore. It really is a relatively simple formula, and it's almost shocking how well it works...I haven't seen or heard anything from ENAM JAHANAM since this 2014 demo, so I just keep listening to "Guilty By Ignorance" and "Violence Never In Our Minds" on fukkn repeat. 

07 October 2018


This ripping 23 song (live?) demo from Rio de Janeiro surely falls into a few of the 1990s crevices that make people without context cringe a bit, but this banger is full of high energy hardcore punk that also happens to be high energy melodic punk...it was 1995, and I can assure you that this combination was not even remotely unusual. Clearly the cassette's previous owner included her/his endorsement, he only question is whether or not you feel like taking a walk or not. 

06 October 2018


I don't know man, how much patience do you have today? Where is your bullshit tolerance threshold? Because this collection of guitar noise, nonsense and the unapologetic brutalization of americana standards will push you to your limit. A Jason Wade (RESIN, COCKESP, FAGGOT) affiliated project, THE RAGSTOCK land somewhere between experimental early SONIC YOUTH, MILK CULT and a twelve year old with a tape recorder, so you are welcome to do whatever you like with that information. 

05 October 2018


Filthy rock 'n roll is almost never a bad thing, and that's certainly the case with this 2012 recording from Montreal's NAUGHTY GIRLS. Scumbag vibes throughout, with an early GG by way of Ben Weasel vibe in the vocals and a pace perfectly suited for stupid drunken outbursts. And that's what makes it all fukkn great, so much so that the little flourishes like the slight tempo ramp up in "City Councilors" and the brilliant four-on-the-floor simplicity of "Don't Wanna Die" are almost lost in the general blanket descriptors. But make no mistake - this one is worth a look into the shadows...there's serious quality lurking back there. 

04 October 2018


There is nothing pretty about BASTARD DECEIVER, nothing subtle. Filthy, churning stench with relentless blasts and DBeat riffs strewn about like bodies in a mass grave. They seem impatient while they crush the nine tracks on this 2012 cassette, almost as if they are annoyed at having to play the songs at all...and they are taking out that frustration on the songs themselves. I never got to see these Floridians, but I can only imagine the combination of power and vitriol. 

03 October 2018


Late '90s ripping (and melodic) hardcore that kinda reminds me of ROUSE and early '90s Oakland, if only because it's fast as shit and still catchy. They fall off the rails a bit from time to time and it sounds like the guitarist might be more of a metalhead than the rest of the band but that's part of the charm (especially the tone that makes me think they just plugged a cheap ass distortion pedal straight into the mixing board). 

02 October 2018


I don't know J.J. or Por, but they had a post '80s Alameda County area code and they were funky as shit. And really, when you're scooping stuff up for a quarter in bargain bins, there's not much more you can ask for. I probably listened to this five times in a row the day I ripped it. 

01 October 2018


Not to be confused with LIFELOCK or LIFELÖCK, Singapore veterans LIFELOCK come off more devastating than ever on 2012's And For What EP. Blown out piercing Dis-core of the finest order, a pure mangled mess of mangel buried under walls of guitars distorted in every way imaginable. Their recent mini-tour with FRAMTID and ZYANOSE dominated my internet for a few days and made me really really want to go back to SE Asia....

30 September 2018


Not to be confused with MENTIRA or "Mentira" or MENTIRA or MENTIRA MENTIRA, Kansas City's MENTIRA take the most recent wave of mutant effect ridden so-called hardcore and....well, they make it hardcore again. Furious and chaotic but absolutely in control, MENTIRA slam through six bursts of noisy fury on this 2016 demo, a reminder of what it's supposed to be like to be scared and still be able to scare. Speaking of scary, these kids gonna be on the west coast in a few weeks, and the sweaty flesh will keep this shell in its (justifiably revered) place. Sonic power realized. 

29 September 2018


Flagstaff, Arizona - early 2000s. RUINACRE were still gods, even if they had split. The Casebeer brothers did shows in a basement they had literally jackhammered out of the side of a mountain (and, interestingly, had the first web server business I had ever heard of, much less seen), and Matt had his own janitorial company. WHN? and LIFES HALT played the basement in 2001 (crossing paths with DEAD AND GONE, who had played there the night before), and ARTIMUS PYLE returned the following summer to play a small space downtown. That second gig was a stinker to be honest, but Matt's new band SHORT OF BREATH played, and.....holy shit. Kinda like west coast blasting PV shits, but there's an off the rails desert grind vibe present in every crevice of this recording and its an irreverence that suits the genre well. I'm pretty sure they only left us with these nine songs....so I suggest that you pay attention to these nine songs. 

28 September 2018


Ross is amassing a serious future Killed By Oklahoma series, and hopefully this cassette is just the start. Presented with zero background information (just a list of bands - not even a track listing, you fukkr), I'll let myself believe that Trapped In Oklahoma is just a teaser for the (inevitable?) real thing that will someday grace my turntable. 30 minutes of seminal Oklahoma punk and hardcore from a couple of acts who have graced these pages in the past (DEATH PUPPY, FACE FIRST), plus crucial bangers from CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, 151 BLACK BATS, VIOLENT CONSPIRACY, NO DIRECTION, NOTA and fucking HOSTAGES (can ANYONE get me a copy of that 12"? Please?That thing is light years ahead of its time). Most of the included material is extremely raw, but that's kinda the way it's supposed to sound - nothing polished in sight, just desperate music passed from hand to hand for 30 fucking years until some fool was smart enough to share it with the rest of us. Thanks, Ross. 

27 September 2018


I don't know how to exactly describe what this shit does to me, but this is what I want tough, meaty, mosh mandatory metalcore to sound like. This is what I want it to feel like. Just four tracks here from Filipinx rippers BARRED, but the churn is fierce as fuck and the devastation is constant. Break free b/w Break shit...on repeat. 

26 September 2018


Brutally distorted industrial pulsations, monotony punctuated by vocals with an ominous SPIRITUALIZED sweetness lurking beneath the surface. There are moments - notably "Otaku Tsumoto Mizutani" - that wander down a dark alley of painful ambiance, just as there are moments of subtly soaring beauty....the entirety of Codex Demi-Monde is a journey. Without going into easily researchable details and pretending to know more that I actually do, Elden M. or ALLEGORY CHAPEL, LTD. has collaborations with BONE AWL, NOOTHGRUSH, AMBER ASYLUM and countless others under his belt, and has been in the game for most (all?) of the last three decades. The presented version is a 2014 reissue a self titled 1996(?) cassette release, and is well worth your time. 

25 September 2018


I don't know anything about background at all, except that this tape came to me in a batch that was primarily Japanese hardcore and Argentinian pop punk....so your guess is as good as mine (yes, I used The Google and I still came up with nothing). I think the early grunge parallels are unintentional and/or incidental - a product of shared influences rather than a common goal - just as the Gary Floyd-esque vocals are quite probably the result of a dude filled with soul and going wild more than a band trying to emulate some '80s American punks and the high energy melodic (but still filthy) "Teenage Spew" could be a track off the first FACE TO FACE 12" but still you kinda feel like these kids weren't at all familiar with SoCal bro punk. At its root, this tape is just off the rails punk rock 'n roll, with tons of energy, tons of tempo changes, and a heavy, deliberate rhythm (if not deliberately heavy) section, but when they unleash (as on "My Nose" about halfway through this banger) the results are pretty damned killer.

24 September 2018


Piercing, raw, nasty....and fukkn fast. Even though the approach is pure high speed crasher/chaos punk, Melbourne's SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA share as much sonic common ground with fierce industrial/hard dance acts as with your average noise beat warriors. The snare fills in "Culpables" are like Mind....-era MINISTRY surrounded by swirling chaotic high end guitars while Carlos's vocals just sound manic and desperate, especially the repetition at the end of "Sin Religion." And all of this means that when they drop into their version of a galloping DBeat it sounds even more deadly. They rarely hold that pace for long - just a few bars of fist pounding fury before they fly off the handle again - resulting in a whirlwind of mania interrupted by a few brief moments that you can cling onto. But don't let go, because this 6 1/2 minute ride is fukkn wild. 

23 September 2018


Here's a dose of that flangy squirmy twenty teens midwestern punk delivered through a leftover aughts underground mysterious guy filter. Serious dues owed to Reatard hooks and classic blue album caliber song construction, but we all gotta pay someone, right? Perfection ain't free. 

22 September 2018


Drums and vocals have rarely sounded so terrifying, and rarely have stringed instruments been rendered so forgettable. Organ removed from the corpse of THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE as rigor took hold, BLACK IRON PRISON present desperation with soul baring honesty - their exploration of presentation avenues is commendable, and the five minutes that result are essential. 
I will never forget.