26 October 2009


I'm leaving for tour in about 8 hours, and I've spent the last three hours slapping labels on tapes and folding their covers (rather poorly, as you can see from the scan) to prepare for the onslaught of merchandise requests we are sure to be fielding at every show.  This tour one of our guitarists (Craig) is staying behind, and we've drafted Keisuke to fill his shoes.  Keisuke lives in Tokyo, and is already in another band, CHARM, with our drummer Kiku, so I fully expect that the transition will be seamless...we shall find out Tuesday, when we get to Okinawa and practice with him for the first time!  These songs were recorded with our sometimes drummer, Zack (yeah, we're kinda confusing, Zack lives in Wisconsin...and we had a different fill-in guitarist for our 2008 Asian tour, but that guy, Dave, lives in Australia and was replacing our other guitarist, Alex) in April 2008, but time passes quickly, and Devon just delivered the vocals tracks a week ago.  Our tour poster is below the link, so that just in case anyone reading Terminal Escape happens to find themselves in Japan, you'll know where to stop by and say hello.  I'll be back November 11, hopefully with a bag full of raging Japanese hardcore tapes!!

25 October 2009


THE CONVULSIONS are just unfuckwithable.  Punishing noisy plodding UK punk from Bradford, circa 1983, with heaps of fuzz on everything and monotone chants dragging each song to its end.  The drums at the start of the title track make me want to shake my house of its foundation, and when the music pauses and Stan shouts "We are the victims!!" before they charge back into the song...well, that's when everything falls into place and the world is suddenly worth living. Yeah, it's that good.  This is one of may favorite tapes, and I'm happy to share.


Great big heaping thanks to Phil from CONVULSIONS for sending along another 9 songs for us to enjoy!  Cleaner, faster,  and better versions of "Electro Convulsive Therapy" and "Hatred Controls," along with three other studio tracks and four live numbers.  Phil talked down the quality of the live tunes, but personally I think they are fkkn brilliant, especially as delivered by a crew of 16 year olds who hadn't the slightest clue what they were doing!  A couple of photos:
came as well, along with an excellent tale about the CONVULSIONS supporting SUBHUMANS and INSTIGATORS at a Hell's Angels bar in '83, sounds like the punks were lucky to escape with their skin, much less their guitars!  Hope you enjoy these tracks...CONVULSIONS are truly one of my favorite unsung 80s UK bands.  Thanks again to Phil for the input!

EDIT: Some of these tracks are included in the demo download above, the rest of them are lost (at least temporarily).

24 October 2009


THE Motherfucking SPITS.  They annihilated San Francisco this week, and fortunately for me the ONLY day this week I was off work in time to rock was the night THE Motherfucking SPITS played.  I win.  It's like the RAMONES on quaaludes and PCP played through a swimming pool full of beer.  This is the new SPITS release, available with extra tunes if purchased on cassette, which you know I did.  Side A is the new LP on Thrift Store Records (this one is a no brainer, but after you get these songs onto your computer, and are unable to get them out of your head because they rule, go buy this fucking record) and side B is a few songs off the new Slovenly Records 7 incher with some other tunes (the extra version of "Beat U Up" that closes the side is one of the best on the tape).  THE SPITS fucking rule, ok?  Check out burners like "Police," "Rip Up The Streets," "Piss On Your Skull," and "School's Out," then tell me you don't love THE SPITS.  I will simply respond by informing you that you don't like fun, and that's your loss.

23 October 2009


Fans of 80s punk and hardcore have been left out to dry this week...I was on a bit of a noise kick and wanted to share.  But hopefully I'll redeem myself today with Punk Belongs To The Punks, a killer comp from Norway.  The mighty BANNLYST, ANGOR WAT, and female fronted punks SVARTE FAEN represent Norway here, and fellow Scandinavians RATTUS (Finland), NONCENS, SOTLIMPA and BRISTLES (Sweden) round out the Northern European submissions.  DECEASED and SUBHUMANS from England, WUNDERBACH from France, and lone Americans THE HATES (Houston, Texas, formed in 1978, total KBD heroes in my book) complete the list of killer bands on this comp.  Two songs each from 11 bands, and these are all fucking heavyweights, from the widely known SUBHUMANS (this 1983 live version of "So Much Money" is one of the meanest SUBHUMANS tracks I've heard ever!) to the exclusive cult popularity of THE HATES, BANNLYST or SOTLIMPA.  Get ready for blown out balls out hardcore punk blasts to rocket your ass through the day, this one is a total burner.

22 October 2009


Everybody knows that the Japanese do noise really well, right?  If you want to throw a little 'weird' into your noise blender, then by all means start looking to the island in the East (which is really West from my house...semantics).  I cannot write about VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA with anything approaching authority, I can merely pass on rumours.  Perhaps this artist is the work of Nakahara Masaya (this seems likely), but perhaps there were others involved on various recordings.  Perhaps this cassette release really does compile early works from VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA (83-85, according to the cover), but perhaps that is just a ruse and/or hoax.  I can say with some certainty that Rolling Stone magazine selected their 1996 album Nation Of Rhythm Slaves as one of the top 100 Japanese rock albums of all time (MERZBOW collaborated on this release).  What I can say with complete authority is that this 46 minute cassette is a brilliant collection of noise, manipulated field recordings, found sounds and simple fucking weirdness.  The tracks lull me into a sort of numbness, but the appearance of pop music, spoken Japanese and English, movie audio tracks and other recovered noises all cut and chopped to pieces and then spliced together becomes more than a little unnerving (mission accomplished). I could not tell you for 100,000 Yen how I came across this tape, but however wasted I might have been, I am so very glad I brought it home with me,  This is the perfect background to an odd and frustrating day.

21 October 2009


Florida was, I'm guessing, not the most awesome place to live in the 1980s.  This is probably the reason that this forsaken state brought us so many great punk bands (MAGGOT SANDWICH, ROACH MOTEL, HATED YOUTH, and many others).  I only know that GOTHIC PLAYGROUND came from Tallahassee, and were kicking around FLA from 1986 to 1988 or so, and graced us with one ten song demo tape.  Apparently what I know is fucking wrong, because THIS demo is only six songs long, but I love it no matter its origin or duration (with the exception of the track "Dilemma," which claims to have been written by GOTHIC PLAYGROUND with HR from BAD BRAINS...this shows that HR had enough time in the late 1980s to write shitty songs for BAD BRAINS and still had enough time leftover to contribute a turd here and a turd there for other bands as well).  Overtly political (hooray for Florida!) female fronted reverb drenched punk that leans ever so slightly to the kind of rock that open minded college students might have loved back when I was a yungun...I mean the good kind of college rock, like SUPERCHUNK, or the first R.E.M. record, or the DINOSAUR record that was on Homestead...the stuff that wasn't punk but was still pretty damn good, you know?  If I've already lost you at this point, then send me a copy of Cows And Beer, Version Sound press (since you weren't paying attention, I figure it can't hurt, right?), but if you are still reading dutifully along, then here's the GOTHIC PLAYGROUND demo:

20 October 2009


ARTHUR STONE was the 1990s project created and executed by San Francisco artist Allan Burris.  These are dark and uncomfortable compositions that reflect perfectly the time in which they were made, and deep in the recesses of 109 Cypress, time was often dark and uncomfortable.  Harsh guitars drone and howl beneath walls of tape hiss and muffled moans...five tracks take up 21 frustrating minutes.  I don't know that Allan ever "released" these tracks, he just created sounds in the small hours of the morning and dubbed copies for his friends.  Tuesdays are hard sometimes.

19 October 2009


Welsh punks FOREIGN LEGION frequently get lumped in with Oi bands, though I have never really figured out why.  This shit is just quality drunken sloppy UK punk...there's hardly even a catchy chorus to raise a fist and sing gang vocals along to, and what self respecting Oi band would let that shit slide?  NO self respecting Oi band, that's who!  This 30 minute live set is a nice chunk of mayhem that gets steadily drunker as the night goes on.  I'm not really sure why the band plays "Message From Nowhere" twice, because the crowd seems to have trickled down to just a few drunk friends by the end of the set (though there is one fan who really really wants to hear the "Hokey Cokey" a second time - by the way, we call it the "Hokey Pokey" in the states, I never knew of this other version until I listened to FOREIGN LEGION). Honestly, the inebriated disinterest of those in attendance is kinda my favorite thing about this tape, recorded in Reading in 1985.  Good songs, don't get me wrong, but I rather enjoy trying to figure out whether or not FOREIGN LEGION even wanted to be at this show themselves.  They are still active today, and have unleashed a few LPs since their activity picked up in the early 00s, so I suppose playing the odd clunker didn't dissuade them all that much, eh?

18 October 2009


Two brilliant noise scapes from Jon Borges, known also as EMACIATOR.  This two track tape, Defeat, is simultaneously beautiful and harsh, and it drones and swells for nearly 35 minutes.  I cannot think of a better way to fuck off a Sunday.

17 October 2009


Awesome European hardcore from Germany.  A little crust, a little melody, mostly fast, really catchy.  This is the demo from 2004, and BOMBENALARM have graced us with several excellent records since then.  I recommend them all.  Treat yourself, you are totally worth it.

16 October 2009


Fridays seem to come along much quicker since I started posting comps and mix tapes each week.  I think this phenomenon is primarily because these tapes are way more tedious to rip than a simple demo tape.  But there is something magic about a truly killer mix tape, and ones like this make all that typing completely worthwhile.  I doubt there are undiscovered gems on this tape that no one has heard before (the bands new to me were ANOTHER WARCRY, who are bad ass, and POTENTIAL THREAT, who I have just never heard for some strange reason), and I also doubt that there are previously unknown songs by bands you already love like SACRILEGE, PANX ROMANA, SLIME and OHLO SECO.  But when a mix tape works, it fucking works, and that's all there is to it.  Segueing from 4+ minutes of ALIEN KULTURE's post punk track right into a 10 second rager from ANTI DOGMATIKSS and then diving right into a bizarre and awkward spoken word bit from LITTLE BROTHER to wrap up the second side...that shit works like a charm. Tracks from ESKORBUTO and ROTAVATORS were chopped off sides A and B respectively, which is the only bit of poor planning exhibited by this unknown cassette assembler, except perhaps the unimaginative naming of the tape (every good mix tape needs a good name, and Various Stuff doesn't really cut it).  Dig in...just download and listen to this shit, and pretend there's a bunch of tape hiss instead of mp3 buzz (I know there really isn't any such thing as "mp3 buzz," I was just trying to make digital audio files sound, you know, cool).

15 October 2009


Listen to the guitar...hear that?  I think someone has listened to a few SUBHUMANS records, don't you?  Actually, the bass line in "Collision" seems to have been lifted straight off  "From The Cradle To The Grave."  And the minute plus of reverb and delay drenched guitar noodling that starts the second track...that's a cross between PINK FLOYD and the intro to "Big City," these folks did their homework.  I prefer the female vocals to the male, though it would be nice if they had traded off from time to time instead of a strict 'one or the other' formula, but that's just me nitpicking these songs nearly a quarter century in the future, which doesn't really seem all that fair.  Lyrics are political but positive in the "we can do better than starving children and guns and bombs and eating animals is unnecessary" sense, which I can get behind pretty much across the board (though my belief that "we" actually are capable of doing "better" than we have up to this point seems to evaporate a little more each day).  MAD ARE SANE hailed from Dorset, and recorded this gem in 1985.  You are most likely not from Dorset (though if you are, please drop a line and let me know how it is there, I'm curious), and are about to be listening to these tunes in 2009.  Weird how time and space work, ain't it?


14 October 2009


Criminally overlooked and under appreciated Brasilian hardcore from MORTE ASCETA.  There are only three tracks on this 2000 demo, but hopefully that will just get you inspired to search out their brilliant split LP with D.E.R.  These are superbly written songs, but never at the expense of intensity...I wish I could have seen them live, because I bet they killed it!

13 October 2009


These tracks almost border on crossover, but they are crossing from tuneful UK punk over to more youth crew US hardcore (think New Wind era 7 SECONDS mixed with early INSTIGATORS).  The first two tracks come from a 1986 demo (you’ll notice that this ’86 version of “Reciprocate” is omitted, some drunk rocker a decade ago hit the ‘record’ button, and most of this track has been replaced with mumblings from a party), and the others are from a 1987 Peel Sessions broadcast (I think they are literally from the broadcast, as in taped off of the radio, which any smart punk would surely do if Mr. Peel were to air his or her band, right?).  The two versions of the band’s theme song “Visions Of Change” sit right next to each other…but personally, I kinda like listening to a demo version followed right up by the tune the way it was envisioned by its creators (and marveling at how often the demo is better!).  You might notice that the songs are in an order slightly (ok, completely) different from the order written on the cover that I scanned...then again, you might not notice that at all.

12 October 2009


On Monday, if you find yourself wondering why you should waste your life plodding through yet another week of a mundane and futile existence, just listen to these songs.  If your life still has no significant purpose after listening to QUESTION, then I'm afraid you have issues that I simply cannot help you with.  This makes me want to break shit and stop and smell the roses, which kinda fucks up my breaking shit routine, but damn those roses smell nice sometimes, you know?

11 October 2009


This gem is just fucking full of brilliant sentiments, ain't it? Politics fucks you, get beyond religion?  Hells yes, and thank you for noticing.  5 killer tracks from these Leiciestershire chaps that meld, (accidentally or intentionally, who knows?) 80s UK political punk with vocals that seem straight off of a TEEN IDLES record, even though the music is a fair bit slower throughout.  The title song is certainly the winner here, but "Police State" and "Government Health Warning," with it's catchy "Fuck Off!" chorus, hold their own quite nicely, thank you.  Everything seems just the slightest bit out of tune, and that suits these plodding numbers just perfectly.  For your Sunday enjoyment, please get BEYOND RELIGION.

10 October 2009


Sparse dark new wave from 1987.  BLACK SOLSTICE are as political as any anarcho band from the early 90s, and actually with a slightly different presentation I can easily see some of these tracks being offered up as arty anarcho punk.  Vocalist Michelle (the sole other member is a chap called Al) instantly brings to mind the vocalist for the band CYANIDE SCENARIO, about whom I know even less than I know about BLACK SOLSTICE (which is really nothing), so it should go without saying that I would love to know more (especially about CYANIDE SCENARIO...their demo put me on my ear for a fucking month, I'll be posting it eventually).  So here comes the fall, it's starting to get a little gloomier out (even here in sunny California) and now here's some music to go along with the falling leaves and the gray skies.  Who ever said I wasn't here to help?

09 October 2009


Another Friday, and another compilation tape.  This one is courtesy of the Smash Apathy fanzine from New Jersey, circa 1987, and features some fucking killers of late 80s NYC hardcore.  The LUDICHRIST tracks are pre-pure metal years, and starting any comp off with "Most People Are Dicks" is OK in my book.  Early demos from NAUSEA, A.P.P.L.E. and SOCIAL DECAY as well, but the highlight of side A is the appearance of DIRGE (the Jersey DIRGE, not the UK one), stripped down ripping east coast hardcore, I would fucking love to hear more from these dudes.  Side B is takes a decided turn down Weird St., and the hardcore is completely absent.  THE PLAGUE starts off with some female fronted death rock; DAOINE SIDHE are either really late anarcho punk or really early riot grrl, I'm not yet sure which; MEASURING OF TIME AND METHODS offer the best tunes on this side, dark and earthy dirges reminiscent of CABARET VOLTAIRE in their most excellent early days; and MECHANICAL BRIDE closes the side with two live tracks.  I like the variety between the two sides, fucking killer that someone would put LUDICHRIST on the same comp as some minimal electronic shits...good idea, dude from New Jersey!

08 October 2009


If you live anywhere near The Bay Area (that's the San Francisco one, which is the one where I live), then the 2008 arrival of MORPHEME must not have gone unnoticed to you either.  At their show at Thrillhouse with LIMP WRIST and LEBENDEN TOTEN, everyone I knew was leaving the room with wide eyes mumbling "what just happened?" and we spent the next year seeing MORPHEME assault us with their wall of noise nearly every week.  Total Japanese crasher crust, executed flawlessly.  They seemed to play every show that I attended or played from spring '09 until singer Moto returned to Tokyo a few months ago, and I consider myself lucky.  MORPHEME kicked the scene here in the ass like no band I can remember, their energy and attitude was a serious wake up call to lots of us who had been sitting on our hands for way too long.  There's a completely devastating EP due soon on Prank Records, and obviously I recommend it.  These demo tracks were recorded by guitarist Daike, and are raw as fuck, get into it.

**if you live anywhere near The Bay Area (the same one I mentioned before), the you should come out tomorrow to Sub-Mission (18th & Mission, SF) to see Japan's mighty D-CLONE, Portland's noisy NERVESKADE, DOPECHARGE from the lower Haight, furious FUNERAL SHOCK from the North Bay, and new band VACCUUM (featuring MORPHEME guitarist, PEDESTRIANS bassist, YELLOW EYES bassist, and SUICIDE BOMB bassist...the last three not all playing bass, by the way**

07 October 2009


Here's a home dub of a demo from some French street punks.  Actually, I just assume they are French from their name (which means, roughly, "The Hubbub") and the song titles which are mostly in French, but I suppose it's possible that this could be an unearthed gem from some former French colony or protectorate like Senegal or Algiers or perhaps Guyana?  Possible, but rather unlikely.  Maybe they are Belgian. LES TINTAMARES take a pretty rudimentary approach to be sure, but here at The Escape, we've never let lack of originality prevent us from having a good time.

06 October 2009


For the reader looking for more soap and glue in their punk, I give you IDIOT CLONE, a 1983 UK slammer that conjures up the spirit of DISORDER in my mind, even though they don't really sound like DISORDER.  Maybe they just sound as drunk as DISORDER? There was a seventh song on my tape, but it was not listed on the cover, and was warped beyond belief, so you will have to live without (my apologies). I can talk and/or type all day (ask anyone who knows me), but these IDIOT CLONE tracks are killers for fans of rudimentary UK punk, so I'll stop now...enjoy.


05 October 2009


This is the tape Matty Luv gave Karoline and me as a wedding gift (hard to decide whether to post this today or on our anniversary which was yesterday).  He was kinda sheepish when he handed it to us, as if it weren't really all that special, but "special' doesn't even begin to describe these songs, these two volumes of bedroom 4 track genius were the best thing anyone could have given us. It's the only recording I've ever heard of HICKEY's live SABBATH covers set (trust me, it was incredible). It's Matty prank calling the cops looking for his armless girlfriend named Naugahyde. It's melancholy songs about life and death. It's Matty taking a tape he found in the house featuring my relatively estranged (and relatively strange) ex-girlfriend drunkenly mumbling into a microphone, and turning it into one of the most innocently beautiful songs I've ever heard. It's walls of sounds sewn together in the middle of the night two doors down and across the hall from where I lived, recorded by a man with the capacity to make you feel truly special, more so than any person I have ever met.  There are a lot of songs here, split into two volumes, each volume taking up one side of the cassette.  There are, however, no song titles, because Matty didn't give them to us.  A great many of these songs are floating around elsewhere, mostly on Cosmic Hearse, and I tried piecing it together through the Cosmic Hearse post, but there were so damned many different versions and different song orders and so many different, unknown and unidentifiable songs, that I gave up and you will just have to enjoy these tracks by number.  Give it a listen, this is probably the single most important tape I/we have.

The Good Ol' Dayz is mostly instrumental and mostly quintessential 4 track stuff. This is what happens when, in the often abused combination of man+multi track recorder+bedroom, the "man" in the equation is a fucking genius.

VOL # IV opens with "the Wedding March" (appropriate for a wedding tape, isn't it?  Matty was, no matter how scattered, at least thoughtful).  What follows are 29 more songs that will take you to a totally new place, spliced and cut together with squinted eyes and 40 ounce bottles.  The live HICKEY version of "War Pigs" as a surf instrumental (recorded at The Chameleon for Tania's birthday) is on this volume, layered guitar effects frequently share the tape with answering machine messages, and "Until My Dying Day" is among the saddest songs I've ever heard, but it is somehow contented as well, which sums up an awful lot of things.  I'm not sure what your plans were for Monday, but I assure you that these songs and a nice pair of headphones will be the best thing you do all day.

Matty died seven years ago today, making midnight on the evening of our anniversary seem rather reflective, instead of purely celebratory.  One of the most important people I have ever encountered, who possessed an uncanny ability to make you feel as if you were the same to him.
(pictured here with Aesop and the case he made for this cassette.  why a rubber ducky candle? fuck man, your guess is as good as mine.)

04 October 2009


This shit is so tough.  The demo is recorded super hot, and it's all blown out, which rules.  Seriously, this is really really tough.  For those of you who might care, this GLUE is not the brilliant Oklahoma GLUE circa 1991.  I would guess that this GLUE takes their name from a Boston band's album title circa 1983, just a thought.  Also, today is my wedding anniversary. My wife is awesome, and these are her pictures.

03 October 2009


This is the perfect demo for people who don't tend to like newer punk bands.  Portland's VIVID SEKT are stuck so brilliantly in 1980s UK punk, and they execute their obvious influences flawlessly.  Yes, it might be weird to see a dude from the Pacific Northwest snarling with an English accent, but if you could only see just how punk he is then you would excuse the accent, like I did, and just marvel at the quality of this tape.  The bass is the focus, melodic lines straight out of the Bluurg or Spiderleg catalogue that drive the awkward and almost hesitant guitar. Portland Punk City fucking cranks out the quality, and VIVID SEKT are living it.

02 October 2009


This Friday's various artist excursion brings us to an Amazing Comp. I don't want to overstate things here, perhaps everyone might not find this comp to be "amazing," but the folks in THE FFUTS who put this tape together seemed to think so, and therefore they named this gem: Amazing Comp, and put a naked lady on the cover.  This one is all over the fkkn place; there's an acoustic song by PAUL ROWLEY that could easily be a lost FLAMING LIPS jam if it got tweaked just the right way, "Roller Skate" by THE JELLY BABIES is totally addictive post punk that has remained in my head for days, HATES tune "No Talk In The 80s" is just killer driving punk rock that would certainly make my Lost KBD list if I bothered to make one.  There are other raw punk gems to be sure, but it's the weirdness that makes this comp interesting for me.  Experimental noise from DOOF EXIST, the DDHR/KEITH track could be a CABARET VOLTAIRE out take, and GREG COTIER delivers similar minimal electronic noise, while the EXHIBIT A sounds straight off one of the Nuggets comps with it's psych guitar and organ.  NORTH conjure up memories of COCTEAU TWINS and then there's a horribly recorded live trainwreck from THE STONED RAYZENS that is rudimentary monotone punk at it's finest.  Amazing Comp hosts THE FFUTS deliver my three favorite tracks on the tape, each one a long sparse mostly electronic droning soundscape with chaotic crescendos.  With their three tunes alone clocking in at nearly 20 minutes, it's time to sit back and soak it all in...THE FFUTS put together a tape that covers all the bases.

You will notice a lot of very abrupt endings (a couple where the song just cuts off seemingly in the middle), I cleaned them up as best I could, but the tape is full of horrible edits...consider it experimental.
And, as is often the case, I have failed to find any substantive information about our hosts for this 80 minute journey, THE FFUTS.  I fucking love these tracks, so if anyone has any knowledge to share (or better yet, other recordings), The Wizard would be very happy indeed!

01 October 2009


Killer demo recorded in 1988. ALIENATION hailed from who knows where in the UK, and cranked out some superb fucking punk.  Here's their 9 song demo, which includes the questionable "Judge - Dub" version, as well as 14 minutes of live/rehearsal material for those of you who just can't get enough.  Great UK shits...a perfect midweek rocker.  Enjoy...

this is the demo:
and this is the other shit: