21 May 2010


A 2002 compilation of Northern Swedish acts (except a 23 second noisecore assault from Finland's VASELIN) that focuses heavily on the well documented and awesome crop of bands from Umeå, where  Sik Records is (was?) based. Lots of stripped down snotty hardcore from TRISTESS, THE VECTORS, and others, while TOTALT JÄLVA MORKER, ETT LIV KVAR and AMBULANCE represent the crusters. There is plenty of raw KBD worship as well (UNGJÄLVAR's brilliant "Hata Raggare" might steal the tape for me), and closing the tape with THE HIGHWAY DEMONS is so perfect that I wouldn't be surprised if the band had been approached just to fill the final spot on the compilation. Most of these bands stayed under the radar (under my radar anyway), but here I am giving you another shot...don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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Patsy said...

Hi Robert, nice to find this! I´ve just released a split 7" on SIK records. dirst one since the tape. check it out through www.sikrecords.se