06 May 2010


If you feel like skipping out on your job and heading straight to the pub, then I've posted this tape just for you. Newcastle's PHANTOMS OF THE UNDERGROUND were a streamlined beer drenched machine that should have been headed for the big leagues with a sound that falls right in line with THE DAMNED, PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES, EDDIE & THE HOT RODS and other slick, Johnny Thunders worshipping punks. Not sure where their train got derailed, but they only left us with two demos, this one from 1984. "Ready For The Night" and "Miss Another Day" are fukkn classics (perhaps they knew this, and that would explain why they gave us both songs twice), "Blood Money" is a total rock and roll burner. Sure their version of "Search & Destroy" was probably a stupid idea even in '84, but when you are this wasted, your time should be spent crafting perfect punk tunes and chatting up cute girls, not mastering the art of the cover song.

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