29 May 2010


Albany does it again (well, to be fair, Albany did this back in 2006). ACID REFULX blow through ten songs in as many minutes, pulling no punches and sparing nary a riff in the process. I fukkn love this band, and I've never seen them, a fact that burns me every time I blast this shit. They got some records, and if you are a punk then you should buy them, and if you need proof as to the accuracy of my declaration, then simply download this demo and blast the fuck out of it. "A.B.A.B. (All Bosses Are Bastards)," "Do Your Parents Know You're A Ramone?," and the brilliant "Customers Fuck Off" are highlights, but this band is a perfect storm. Essential, and way punker than I will ever be.


For more about how I love Albany, please click here, I think I'm gonna ask the tourism board to start giving me a taste.

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Anonymous said...

first listen, not even through it yet. this shit is fucking great. and this blog is constantly updated. thanks a bunch!