12 May 2010


The Bay Area's GENESIS CLIMBER are not your ordinary band, and these two 10+ minute jams will scare off anyone looking for a pogo friendly soundtrack. But listen to the attack on the four steel rounds at the start of "Kosmos Of The Mind" and it will bring images of destruction to your mind and a smile to your face. It doesn't? OK, then nevermind and I'll see you tomorrow. Those of you smiling, please enjoy the bizarre amalgamation of late 80s Dischord vocals with prog/hardcore hybrid bands like ASBESTOS DEATH manifested circa new millennium. Their 2009 EP took me completely by surprise, and this demo heads even further out onto freakout pier, threatening to leap. Recorded live (my only complaint is that the obvious low end assault that drives this band is rather lost on this recording) on 21/12 (nerds), this should give you a good idea what their upcoming 2xLP will consist of. I for one, am excited.

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Clint B said...

Thanks Robert. If anyone's interested, you can hear a rough mix of a song from the upcoming album here: