31 May 2010


I could rave about this tape for ages...but I'll try to keep it to one paragraph. In 2003 I was in Poland and was asking my host for tips on which of the multitude of 80s Polish bands represented in his distro I should check out. Yeah sure, DEZERTER is bad ass, but I knew nothing at the time of bands like TILT, REJESTRACJA, or the gentlemen featured today: THE CORPSE. The Fight Against Rules demo came out in the mid 1980s, and these tunes would stand strong against any western crossover/thrash punk madness. The tape I bought had the demo along with a rehearsal from 1995 and the Elektrokardiogram demo from the same year...that shit is good, I'll share it later, but it can't hold a candle to these fukkn ragers. Ultra intense hardcore, stellar songs and a raging delivery, regardless of where this came from I can't believe they remained relatively unknown.  Refuse Records issued this bad boy on CD, but I felt compelled to share the cassette nonetheless...oh yes, Robert from Refuse is the dude who told me to buy this in the first place, so I guess it makes sense that he is the one re-issuing it.

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Anonymous said...

yes! this is my favorite band!!!