02 May 2010


My friend Dave is from Buffalo, and has done time in some of that cities finer musical acts, and a little over a year ago when he told me that he was going to bring me a tape from a Buffalo band that would blow my mind, I believed him.  You see, Dave likes stuff that is good, and if he doesn't like it then he tells you and you are still friends unless you are really uptight and/or sensitive. Dave brought me this GAS CHAMBER demo, and holy shit even with his endorsement as a preparatory tool, I was still devastated - these ten songs clearly come from another planet. Harnessing the power of NO COMMENT and other early powerviolence brutality, GAS CHAMBER put sounds through a filter that is purely their own, and present these ten tracks of uncompromising pain and fury. The guitar alone manages to hold these songs together, while the bass acts as the lead instrument and the drums go off on nonsensical and ferocious tangents but somehow manage to lead the songs to their merciful end. And speaking of tangents, the last half of "Comfort Food" comes completely out of left field, and serves as a subtle nudge to remind you that these dudes are way over your head. The lyrics range from agonizing to nihilistic, and fit the songs perfectly. This is rust belt frustration with CROSSED OUT delivery, a fucking perfect demo tape.

Update: After the recording of this demo, Dave moved back to Buffalo and joined GAS CHAMBER on guitar. The GAS CHAMBER album "Hemorrhaging Light" is currently available on Iron Lung Records. It is incredible.


Anonymous said...

wow! this is some crazy, crazy shit! i totally love it! so intense. and the sound - i hope they stay the same sound-wise on that new record. many thanks for uploading this, man, cos otherwise i would probably never find out about this band (cassettes are not a relevant format for me since few years back).

Anonymous said...

You down to re-upload this man?

the wizard said...