25 May 2010


File this right along with THE CONVULSIONS and SMILES, but Wales' SECLUDED sit back a little mellower, with an almost street punk groove at times. This 1982 demo was the bands only recording, and it is well worthy of whatever legendary status it might have - each one of these tunes is infectious and I can't rewind the tape fast enough when it's over. Fucking perfect driving UK punk with bouncing bass lines that positively demand a pogo pit right this very second, even if you are the only punk in the room. Smiffy, Stu, Lou and Brainy fucking nailed this one, I only wish they had given me more.


living in the 80s said...

this copy have a nice quality!! thank you very much, any chance to see other scans of this tape?? i always want to see some info of this band... pleaseee??

the wizard said...

Gabe>>>Simon told me the Alternative Attack stuff was just before they broke up, but then they just reformed with him on guitar and scrapped the recording. I won't be able to get it up for a while though.

LIT80S>>>I'll scan in the rest of the J Card when I return from tour, but there is little more information I'm afraid. Such great songs though!

abdul alhazred said...

Thank you, always interested in Welsh punk. Despite the anonymous schtick Wales is my country of origin.

Henk said...

Awesome! The track 'The More They Have' was not on the other one I downloaded some years ago.

But that one had a live song titled 'Police State'

leev211 said...

just played these tracks for
mr brain himself he hasent heard this stuff for years and was delighted that i tracked them down on the internet and that people are still listening to the demo