01 May 2010


TZN XENNA are one of my favorite 80s Polish bands; inescapable catchy hooks and all out fury at the same time, while harnessing that indescribable darkness that the best Eastern Bloc bands have. 30 full minutes of TZN XENNA for your Saturday, starting with their two tracks from the 1986 Jak Punk To Punk compilation and the "Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy/Ciemny Pokoj" EP from the year before.  I'm curious about the song order - one song from the EP, the two from the comp and then the flip side of the EP, kinda makes no sense. Also, these tunes sound like they might be from a different session, but then the tape might just be recorded at a slower than normal speed...I've played them against the EP and a downloaded version of the EP just to check, and these versions definitely sound a little slower...your guess is as good as mine (in other words: listen and share your guesses). After these four tunes come 10 ragers from a TZN XENNA rehearsal, killer raw versions of songs I already love ("Twoja Wojna," "Zrob Cos" and the Jak Punk To Punk tunes) along with three songs I wasn't able to identify (again, assistance is always appreciated - where is Marek when I really need him!).  These tracks fill up one side of a tape, with ABADDON and REJESTRACJA taking up the other side (you'll get those tunes in the coming days)...no artwork on this tape, so here's the cover for the EP and a sweet logo for you to put on your punk jacket.

For what it's worth, I learned just last year that the phonetic pronunciation of this band's name in Polish is "Teh-Zed-En Zenna," and not the simpler Americanized "Zen Zenna" I was used to. I was asking my buddy about them for about a day and a half before we realized what band I was talking about. 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

TZN is acronym (abbreviation) of the words 'to znaczy' (that means), so it can be pronunciaton in English as T.Z.N. (ti-zed-en), but NOT Zenna only Ksenna like, for example 'exercise' witout vowel 'e' at the beginnig.

Anonymous said...

trax 7-naprzod, 10- po to bys sie bal, 13- two trax--- guma/religia.this is reheqrsal 84.

punkoirarerecording said...

tzn xenna-rehearsal84'-
1-Twoja Wojna
2-Demokracja W Czarnych Okularach
4-Ola Olej
5-Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy
6-Po To Bys Sie Bal--- time /1:59/
8-Gazety Mowia
9-Zrob Cos
10-Guma- /1:22/
12-Nasz Swiat

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