13 May 2010


As Luc (from the sporadic but excellent Kängnäve blog) pointed out a few weeks back, the Ancienne demo that I posted was the likely just the first from HATEFULS ("ancienne" means "older," and that tape was from 1983), and with my vast multilingual repertoire I am going to guess that this demo, seemingly titled Nouvelle, is actually just their "new" one...or at least it was the new one in 1985...and I didn't even finish college. More killer KBD styled punk shits this time, though HATEFULS have mellowed a bit on this three song recording. The combination of "Voodoo" b/w "Too Many Rules" would have made an essential slab of wax, but alas these kids were destined to remain on cassette until some bearded chump converted their lifes' work to 00s and 01s and shared it with you.


jolicoeur said...

Could you reupload this and the other Hatefuls please?
Thank you

the wizard said...


jolicoeur said...

Thank you

jolicoeur said...

Thank you.
Bouboulfrom Hatefuls play after in Burning ambitions.
Hatefuls is in great compilation tape but the songs are the songs from Nouvelle demo. The link