04 May 2010


North Carolina's Suburbanite Records fucking nail it again with this three song ripper from STRIPMINES. Japanese influenced - and southern rage drenched - hardcore the kind of shit that really makes my blood boil. The middle track is a mid tempo plodding number that might fall flat on its own, but it is bookended by two total scorchers. There is no reason why this band shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as heavyweights from the south like DEATHREAT, DOUBLE NEGATIVE, BURY THE LIVING...you get the drill, this rules.

Suburbanite is here, you can get this and the THIEVES in one convenient package.


Gatewood said...

Amazing stuff. But if your demo weighs in at a whopping five minutes and 50 seconds, you've got no business spending 30 seconds of that on a movie sample. So there. (However I do really enjoy how they used the other five minutes and 20 seconds)

Gregor said...

bullshit. pretty solid stuff.

will said...

just popped up on random, totally wrecked my train of thought, got sucked in for the whole five minutes, even through the sample. ripping.
in the basement of my mind they rule live, no stops, ten minute set style.

Anonymous said...

Saw this band live a couple weeks back, sick performance. Also very nice dudes.