31 March 2017


You might not want to trust me, and I understand that. Sometimes I steer you wrong, like the time I posted the interview with my father-in-law talking about heat stroke and hydrating enemas. Sorry. But surely you are by now smart enough to trust Chondritic Sound, yes? Good. They were nice enough last fall to repurpose two older recordings by ENEMA SYRINGE and present them with two short new pieces to create Flapper. It was a good move. Lo-fi disjointed repetition, minimal beats, and polite distortion make up the initial track, and then things slowly get darker and more chaotic. It's like a journey and an escape, all in just under twenty minutes.

30 March 2017


I woke up today with the first track from the SMOKERS demo implanted in my head. Naturally it came up on my "random" shuffle during my commute (because, the universe...obviously), ensuring that I would be humming "it kinda defeats the purpose..." all damn day. But as soon as that song was finished, I thought about this demo from Olympia's SOGGY CREEP....there's something so plainly good about this shit. Moody, driven rock music of the highest caliber that would have fit in nicely in my early '90s rotation before I fell hopelessly down the hardcore rabbit hole. This banger is from 2014, and I recommend their subsequent releases just as highly.

29 March 2017


What? You said you like hardcore punk music? And you said you like hardcore punk music that's kinda weird and creepy sounding, as if it was made by deranged mutants? Cool. Here you go...

28 March 2017


I ripped this little creamer just before I left for tour, and it got me pretty good. Many (many) listens during my month away, including one especially memorable one in the middle of a crystal clear and pitch black night in the southern Arizona desert. Something about this recording just draws you in...the tracks may be simple but the presentation is deep, and these two kids from Kansas utilize the tools at their disposal to make a compelling collection of sounds. You can call it garage if you like, and in the most literal sense you would be pretty spot on....I think of it as dark and sweaty full power rock 'n roll stripped down to the barest essentials. But I don't get paid to think, so there's that to consider also.

27 March 2017


Howling, filthy, raw, primitive metal. Nothing tight or concise, nothing professional or clean....this is about as primal as it gets, and proof once again that the $1 castaway bins of the world still overflow with bounty. I'm back....did you miss me?