13 August 2012


I was drawn instantly to these insane sounds. Raw and hollow hardcore from Tennessee played with absolute fury and determination - clean guitars that are tortured more than played, and vocals that are more in line with the by product of a backwoods exorcism. There are two demos in today's download, the most recent features 18 songs and clocks in at well under 16 minutes, while the 2011 slab blazes through 14 tracks in less than 9. There are hooks buried in that chaos and it's hard to tell if the distortion is by design or necessity, but the result is so gloriously twisted that I don't care. There's another demo available here, and I suspect that after jamming these songs into your holes you will be clamoring for more.


the wizard said...

The A Side of the 2011 demo is pretty hard to follow so I didn't name the tracks. Here is the listing from the insert, try to decipher if you like:
1. Big Deals
2. Furnished Room
3. Kid Death
4. Thin + Green
5. The Heap
6. Price Of A Dime
7. Thousands Of Eyes
8. Rift

The last four tracks in the file should be in order...

nicolai said...

Holy shit this is awesome. I think I tried to d/l this before and it fucked up and I forgot all about it. Just read about these guys and came back here. Fuck Yeah!

DISTORT said...