29 August 2012


After watching HYSTERICS and GRIMACE melt my face two nights in a row, it seemed logical to share some Northwest love. DEHUMANIZED feature HYSTERICS guitarist on drums and crank out some of the most awkward lo-fi music I've ever heard. Maybe their vision is black metal, but the result is just weird and uncomfortable (even more so live). Lurching blasts and metronome defying slow parts are all led by a buzzsaw guitar tuned to Welcome To Hell, but I honestly think that all of these comparisons to various bands and genres are accidental - DEHUMANIZED exist in their own bizarre metal punk subsubsubgenre.


Macklin said...

There's a pretty hilarious video of the vocalist recording. Crazy to hear without any other sounds. I believe he's in Outlook, no? Such a good band!

Suds Denim said...

Haha I love how accurate this description really is. I played bass in this band and also play drums in Grimace so there's even more overlap for you. Download all the name dropped bands at: sudsdenim.blogspot.com
Wish Dehumanized was still a band.