15 August 2012


I don't remember how the conversation started. I knew Neal only casually from reviewing records at neighboring computers, and I can't imagine that our respective bands appealed to one another in the slightest, but somehow we started talking about his new band OiL! and I was intrigued. Whether Neal magically knew that this was exactly what I needed in my life or just wanted to make some new fans I may never know, but he left an OiL! tape in my box and my life hasn't been the same since. I could rant for pointless paragraphs about how many times I've listened to this tape, about how immediately catchy every fukkn one of these songs is, about how "Proud Of My Pride" and "Clockwork Violence, Leftwing Silence" would become a part of my life for the next decade (and hopefully more), about how the guitar that starts "Fuck You" made me reconsider music. But instead I'll just say that I like this OiL! recording A LOT and I have listened to it hundreds of times - whether the people around me wanted to hear it or not. Brilliantly catchy, this teeters on the line between brilliant and dodgy from start to finish, but you'll find yourself chanting "skinhead" with an non-ironic fist in the air before this shit is over. Sealing the deal, my advance copy of this work of sheer brilliance came with hand fukkn written lyrics to every damned song - now you can sing along with songs like "Red White & Boots," "Shave For Battle" and "I've Got Bills To Pay" and not feel even remotely guilty. Perfect punk, read the lyrics to "Crucified Hammerskin" if you still have any doubts. This has been officially released on vinyl and CD, but my copy is cooler than all of that shit - see the aforementioned lyric sheet if you don't believe me.

"Crucified skin in '93, I'm proud of my pride don't fuck with me, Oi Oi sussed by all you see // Still goin' strong in Y2K, I'll mop the floor with your face if you get in my way, me & my boots are here to stay"

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zhollows said...

Well, after our discussion you now have me rocking back to back Hard Skin and Oil! in my cube today! Now if only I could have a pint while working. Oi!!!