22 August 2012


This one came to The Escape along with many kind words about past projects and current endeavors, and I confess that I put off listening to it for many months as a result. Someone says something nice about the shit you do...then what do you do if what they do totally blows? It's not like it's a show and you can say "it was really loud" or "you sure looked like you were having a blast!" so instead of being disappointed I just kept putting it off. I shouldn't have waited. BELLOW might turn a few Escape visitors off with their relentlessly brooding pace, but the introduction of piano and ambience into these three doom laden songs sets them far apart from the pack. This is dismal sounding music, but the beauty slips in between the cracks...easy to call it doom, or call it metal or focus on the harsh female vocals that  make your skin crawl even when buried in the mix, but even within these confines, BELLOW are doing something very excellent, and something that is without a doubt theirs alone. Next time I won't wait.


Anonymous said...

i think this is the same band as TOIL from mpls. the vocals are way different though.

vinylpuma said...

Last night I was angry and exhausted and I never wanted to see another human being. Bellow was what I listened to on the train while I slowly seethed. Thanks for posting!

Drapedplastic said...

My band played a show with them a few months back. They were loud as fuck live and played by candlelight, as well as being very nice people. They didn't have any cds/tapes/vinyl of their own, so I'm really glad to see this on here.

Anonymous said...

thanks for reveiwing! We are going on tour tomarrow with freinds FALSE:

9/1 Milwaukee (Quarters)
9/2 Fort Wayne (Harrison House)
9/3 Detroit (Trumbleplex)
9/4 Huntington (Funky Towne)
9/5 Richmond (Strange Matter)
9/6 BALTIMORE! (Side Bar)
9/7 New Brunswick (TBA)
9/8 Brooklyn (Acheron)
9/9 Philadelphia (Golden Tee House)
9/10 Pittsburgh (Roboto Project)
9/11 Columbus (Carabar)
9/12 Indianapolis (TBA)
9/13 Chicago (International House of Pitting)
9/14 Urbana (Snake Pit)
9/15 Colombia (Hair Hole)
9/16 Kansas City, KS (Detto House)