21 August 2012


Some bands explode and before you know it there are a mountain of releases scattered all over the world and your excitement about this new act is overshadowed by sensory overload and you start to not even care. And then there are bands like Austria's RUIDOSA INMUNIDICIA. In the eight years since this demo (which was committed to wax by Way Back When a few years ago), they have managed only 2 EPs and a split full length, but each of these releases is nothing short of mandatory for fans of fast hardcore punk. Searing female vocals in Spanish (the band is from Austria, but the singer is Chilean) front an all out assault that leans ever so slightly on melody while never once sacrificing intensity. The emphasis is on fast and the result is stellar, all of this band's recordings make me yearn to see them live. Someday, perhaps.

HeartFirst still have copies of their 2010 EP, and you can snag the split with SOLID DECLINE from Residue. And yeah, I plug both of those labels because they are my friends and they are awesome. So what?


Anger Still Boils in the Underground said...

Amazing band; both live and recorded. Thanx for putting this up.

Agz ain't punk said...

Fade In Records from Japan did a 2004-2010 discography CD as well. Great band, saw them supporting Lärm in Amsterdam..

Anonymous said...

Fucken A M A Z I N G band!

Matt said...

I saw em in Pardubice,Czech and Leipzig (and we partied) and they totally rule and are totally fun and sweet folks! Underrated for sure. Haven't heard this demo, nice post!

Flying Elbow said...

I'm booking them in Montréal on Spetember 16th 2013 at Katacombes venue! Be there!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wizard, could u please re-up this Demo?
Should sound nice?! Let´s hear ;-)

the wizard said...


Anonymous said...

Thx a lot Wizard!
What a nice one, violent & heavy as should be ;-)
Greetz from Austria!

Anonymous said...

Wizard - you rule - thx for re-upping this outstanding Demo!!
Put 2 mediocre Bands together (Dreschflegel + Sotatila) and it will give a Firework.
Oh man, Carolina, this little Girl can shout! Wild, fast, melodic and ... extremely underrated!

Anonymous said...

Dreschflegel was a PowerViolence/ThrashCore Band from Austria. They prepared a 7" Release, but the Band split up 2003, before the Record was completed. 3 Members went on to form Ruidosa Inmundicia.
Check their 'unreleased' 7" if you like: http://rarme.com/?DF-03-DF
It was re-released later as digital Download on Bloodshed666.net.