01 August 2012


The third (at least) cassette release from these NYC nostalgist visionaries. Dispiritualized features longer dirges with more emphasis on the guitar, which can be heard ascending to the sky with a cacophonous flourish. The opening track "Burning Spirits" is like TANGERINE DREAM's evil cousin, spending a full seven minutes reeling you in with subtle electronic loops and quietly haunting you with screams and solos. "Troth" enters a more HAWKWIND/FLOYD realm, with incessant drums (more reminiscent of their current live configuration) building throughout. The studio side closes with "Heed" an intense goth hallucinogen induced excursion gone horribly wrong, six minutes that will leaving you shivering in the corner if you pay enough attention. The flip side of Dispiritualized is a 12+ minute live version of "Burning Spirits" that sounds much more primitive and angry, relying heavily on effects and sequencers, this version feels more like a man and his machines than the full band that RØSENKØPF has evolved into but is no less engaging. Some of you who were lucky enough to see them on tour recently know exactly how mandatory these sounds should be, but those of you who lived outside of their chosen path can find out for yourselves via these tapes of their recent self titled full length on Wierd Records.


Yu Rim Chung said...

Easily one of my favorite local bands right now.

Emil is an insanely good drummer, especially if you're lucky enough to see him play live.

cowboy pennepants said...

Thanks a lot I recently tried to get the tape after their Oakland gig but the site was sold out.

ufodictators said...

The link is dead - any chance you could send me the file? I cant find it anywhere else. my email is ufodictators@gmail.com