19 August 2012


These dudes make their magic in the room across from me in a basement on Turk St. in one of this fine city's more decrepit neighborhoods. The sounds are intriguing, even through two closed doors, and the couple of times I've seen them I was quite impressed. Then I finally listened to the tape the singer gave me an embarrassingly long time ago...STARES make some of the meanest music I have ever heard. The disgust conveyed through their complete annihilation of sound is only rivaled by the frustrated and painful isolation in their words. Dark shit delivered with fierce honesty.


Arekusu said...

Damn, thanks for posting this! I bought this cassette from the guitarist at a house show at their apartment a year or two ago. Great show, great band, and now I have the MP3s! Thanks

Anonymous said...

hey the links down and im really interested

the wizard said...