14 August 2012


New York's IN SCHOOL have politely blown the ignorant hardcore paradigm out of the water in less than eight and a half minutes. If you want to mindlessly mosh and listen to disconnected image obsessed idealists scream about war then you might be better served elsewhere because, like the name suggests, IN SCHOOL is for thinking punks. Don't get me wrong, the breakdown in "Maggot Rot" and every second of "Gaining Force" are works of pure knuckle dragging genius, but read the lyrics and listen to the delivery of songs like "Acid Burn" or "Stand Up Or Die" and it's clear that this is a different animal.  Every song drips with urgency, harnessing an unhinged energy that is so often missing from modern hardcore.  Ferocious and smart is a dangerous combination.


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Dk said...

I concur 100%. And I used concur because I like to think. heh Stellar band, righteous demo.