02 August 2012


SUBMISSION HOLD are probably a "time and place" band for many people (including myself). I think if I heard most of their recorded output today, without context, then I might not be as drawn to the band as I was 15+ years ago when our paths kept crossing on west coast tours. Perhaps the pairing of drug addled hardcore punk outcasts with musically challenging and intellectually advanced anarcho/feminist/activist punks from Vancouver might seem a touch odd, but I assure you that in 1995 it made perfect sense and we all got along swimmingly. Their music requires full attention and comparisons to UK bands CHUMBAWAMBA and CRASS are not out of line, even if the similarities are more in ultimate effect than musical approach. This 1994 demo was the introduction to a band that went on to help solidify the political approach that shaped 1990s DIY punk. 

Jen & Andy, if you read this, one of my band members might have peed on your sofa bed in 1996. I'm sorry, but I assure you that yours was not the only one. It was a rough tour.


Jimmy said...

I was going to post this on my blog, but looks like you beat me to it! I was also going to post their other tape, "Veterans Of The Cola Wars". Do you have that one?

the wizard said...

No Cola Wars tape for me...post 'em both!!

Andy said...

Well, what do you know? My son is perhaps the world's last remaining Submission Hold fan, so every once in a while I find myself searching around on the internet with him, looking up blasts from the past. And look what we found today. Yes, ours was an unlikely friendship. On paper it shouldn't have worked, but there we were. I still remember the night in Santa Ana when you offered to give me your van when ours was again pummeled beyond hope from too much tour and neglect. Oh, the days... good old or otherwise.

Don't sweat the pissed on couch, I hardly even noticed.