07 August 2012


Chicago in the mid '00s was pretty bad ass. I lived in Milwaukee and made the 90 mile drive countless times for shows (and often food). The motivation was typically touring bands who didn't feel like veering far enough off of I-80 to venture into our beer soaked hamlet (their loss), but the bonus typically was the locals (the people and the bands), an unimaginably low asshole factor at most shows considering the size of the area and punks' propensity for assholitude, and sick bands like REACCIÓN.  Ripping hardcore with as much fluid movement as all out rage, with dual F/M vocal delivered by the guitarist from CONDENADA and the singer from SIN ORDEN, REACCIÓN were relatively short lived, but this five song rager remains as a testament. 

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Wizago said...

Thanks for posting this-Reaccion was one of the first bands I saw when I started going to DIY shows at Albion House, this brings back a lot of memories.