04 August 2012


Repetitive and distorted sampled beats that lurch as much as groove make up this beast, but what drives the beast is the vocals. A distinct and powerful female voice that owes equally to SIOUXSIE, DIAMANDA and a robotic interpretation of Lebanese pop. It's a dark and creepy kind of dance music, digital and cold sounding but fronted by a voice that is sultry and oozes with urgency. If you could cram THE NORMAL's ground breaking late '70s sounds into Bay Area proto-cool THE VANISHING and hand it to a mid '80s Wax Trax records producer along with a bag of speed then this killer tape might be the result. Yet another essential product from Nostilevo (who never cease to amaze me) this is for those of us who don't pay attention to what's "cool" (which LA's TEARIST clearly already are) until it's too late. It turns out that every now and then, the stuff that is "cool" is actually, well....cool.


Anonymous said...

And chance you can re-up this? I purchased the third pressing, but have no way to rip the audio.

Thank you in advance.

the wizard said...