10 August 2012


(stock blank tape image from the Terminal Escape archives)

DILÖNIS had one track on the Latvian Underground '93 tape I posted last week. In case one track wasn't enough, the flip side of that tape features 30 tracks of the same weird, abrasive hardcore. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, then go find the aforementioned comp here and then listen to DILÖNIS. Active with various lineups from 1990-94, this sometimes dual bass outfit often managed to practice with no equipment (during slow periods at the hospital where they all worked) and still cranked out a slew of recordings worth noting (I have no clue what recording/s these tracks are taken from). Fast, loud and seriously weird, this is the shit the Cold War kept us from hearing. So yeah, fukk war.


golnar said...

This shit is crazy! Thanx for posting.

Anonymous said...

HI!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to find more material about this band, im making a new punk radio show in Venezuela. Can pleeeeeaaaase repost this? Thanks in advance!


the wizard said...