06 August 2012


Flanged bass, comically shouted vocals and high end guitar distorted to oblivion all set to cartoon 1-2-1-2 drums, this is noise punk in the most elementary WANKYS tradition. Yeah, it rules.


Anonymous said...

LifeForm fucking kills. A unique approach to amazing standards. I use it as the alarm in my take deck alarm. It rules. See you folks in September. Midnite Chuck

Very Worst Of Noise Punk said...

where can i get a copy of this

Unknown said...

Robert, thanks so much for posting this!
@Chuck, you're the best, see you in September!
@pissypants, we have tapes available from Distort Reality, Velted Regnub, Soap and Spikes, and W-Tapes, we are currently out ourselves, though.

Anonymous said...

The download link is down :(