27 August 2010


I skipped over No Pasaran! several times, justifying my bias with the forgettable cover art and the late '80s release date. But pop this baby in the player and watch me eat my shorts, because this is one of the best international compilation tapes I've unearthed at TEHQ. Two ragers from Peru start the tape, PANICO and the recently reissued AUTOPSIA, but as great as these raw punk tunes are, they pale in comparison to Yugoslavia's QUOD MASSACRE - this tape is my first and only exposure to them, but the four tunes included are all classic and dark punk, simultaneously reminiscent of '70s UK and catchy '80s German shits, theirs are by far the best songs on the tape. Several songs from JUVENTUD LA KAIGUA and ERUCTO MALDONADO (both from Peru), France's PARIAPUNK, post-SUBHUMANS band CULTURE SHOCK (they don't really fit on the tape, but they are the reason I have it, so no complaints here), plus G03 and DECONTROL. The raw Peruvian rippers would be worth the whole tape, but throw in the QUOD MASSACRE shit and the French and UK punk? That doesn't make me a tape peddler...that makes me a nice fukkn guy. Now say thank you for the best 60 minutes of your day.


Zak said...

Thank you wizard, this is a great 60 minutes for Friday. Though I don't know how you could pass up a tape with Dolores Ibarruri on the cover.

Anonymous said...

I first heard Quod Massacre on the "I've Got an Attitude Problem" comp 7" on BCT/Looney Tunes. They share the bill w/ Wretched, Mob 47, Funeral Oration, Psycho, Satanic Malfunctions, and Raw Power; but it's that one Quod Massacre song that gets played over and over. Shit rips. Anyone have any idea what else they've put out?

anon ymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Anyone have any idea what else they've put out?"

this is the compilation of their demos, i believe 4 demo sessions.

They released another demo after this that is nowhere to be found.

and a full length on search & enjoy
i was able to find this album few years back, can't seem to find it any more. i'm sure you can find it someplace if you search, if not LMK i can upload.