05 August 2010


Terminal Escape minions seem to enjoy the noisier and more fukkd side of punk, and it is in that spirit that I offer Pittsburgh's FREE CLINIC. These songs are damaged art sludge with vocals worthy of MELT BANANA comparisons, guitars that conjure up Ginn on PCP, and a vibe that makes me understand why people like FLIPPER so damn much. Seven torturous dirges...you will start to question music by the end of "Mouth," but the simplicity of the approach and the expertise of its delivery is unquestionable.


Clint B said...

Cool! Genesis Climber played with this band in Pittsburgh on tour. Jimmy Rose said this is the kind of band you would form "if Flipper was your Sex Pistols." Can't wait to hear the recording.

abdul alhazred said...

Hm, this sounds quite good. For what it's worth, my favorite post so far has been Crazy Spirit - in fact I'm going to listen to it now, at least until this album downloads. It's been on constant rotation but remains baffling and unnerving.

On another note, I sadly missed Genesis Climber whilst they played at a lame bar near my house and I was stranded at work. No fliers, no word of mouth, no nothing. I was only aware of the show via Illogical Contraption and then only when it was futilely too late.
Hopefully it was tolerable and they shall return in full regalia someday.

CROOPER said...

This is really good, cheers.