15 August 2010


Here's a little Sunday afternoon (or morning, or evening) listening party for you. Just like the label reads, this is CRASS on Radio Sheffield in 1982, but more than just an interview, this is CRASS hanging around the studio for an evening and talking about the formation and the history of their band and the scene which they were instrumental in creating. Just listen three minutes into the second track...listen to these folks talk about the spirit of DIY punk and the shit is more than a little inspiring: "you've got something, you've got the potential....if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly." Beyond that, there are loads of historical factoids contained here that I found fascinating (who knew that the Do They Owe Us A Living EP was funded by the death of Steve Ignorant's grandmother?), as well as CRASS discussing the political ideals that drove their band's very existence. Granted, this is a long fucking tape, clocking in at a full 90 minutes, but it's well worth your Sunday, and it's great hearing these dudes putting on tunes from POISON GIRLS, MARK STEWART, THE REJECTED, KRONSTADT UPRISING, CHARLES MINGUS, and a few CRASS songs as well.  This is a brilliant document of a hugely influential band.

the tape starts fukking up about 10 minutes into the second side, but instead of warbling up, it just starts playing slower and the band members start sounding older. Older is the same as smarter, right?


Carl Crass said...

awesome. this is one of the best crass interviews i've heard

The Old Punk said...

It's been years since I last heard this. Many thanks for taking the time to rip the tape (and all the others you've done), keep up the great work :)

Unknown said...

wow thanks robert! this is a delight. older = smarter

listening said...

certainly bound for the airwaves again!
(Acts of Love songs radio kwvaradio.org mondays 10p-midnight pst)