13 August 2010


2001: It was a time of fastcore and breakdowns and a youth crew revival and circle pits around the world. I saw NINE CURVE in Japan in 2000 and their energy level was through the roof, and the very Japanese sounding DISTRICT single I've got still appeals perfectly to that part of my brain that was straight and alert for a few wholesome years, but the rest of these bands were new to me. UNLEASH sound like Kenji/TOTAL FURY singing for a primitive crust band (it's a good combo, in case you were wondering), while RINKIJI (Linkage) come off like a blown out mid tempo Japanese thrashcore assault with a high energy high voltage high pitched frontman. FURIOUS ABOUT are more furious than the other bands on the comp, and at times come off like an angry version of Osaka's FUTURES with fukkd guitar work and manic start/stop riffs. ONE LINE round out the line up, full on youthcrew/fastcore with no frills, melodic hooks, and a pace notably faster than the drummer is capable of playing...it's cool though, as about half the song is a breakdown. Nagoya has given us NICE VIEW, MUGA, BLACK GANION, ROTARY BEGINNERS, C.F.D.L. and countless other killer hardcore bands, and here are six that slipped under the radar.

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