03 August 2010


Hardcore circa 1984 from France's KROMOZOM4. Their only appearances on wax came with two splits, in '86 and '87, both with countrymen HEIMAT-LOS (who does a split EP and LP with the same band? that kinda rules...), but they dumped a slew of cassettes on us, starting with this gem. Ripping slap happy hardcore that keeps reminding me of the straight ahead attack of Poland's SIEKIERA (especially the 6th song, which sounds like a SIEKIERA out take), but more fun loving and carefree. Here's the bible page for them, you can look at pictures while you listen to the jams.


flitox said...

hehe don't think i have come across that one before but i might have the tunes on some comps????

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

decompression keeps failing when i try to d/l this one...any chance of a re-up?

by the way...since this is my first comment here i thought i should say that this is one of my favorite blogs out there (i always feel a kindred spirit with those who love both hardcore and goth since i have loved both for over 20 years now!. when my new band is finally up and running and gets our shit together enough to record a demo i am going to have to send you one since the sound definitely has a deathrock/dark punk vibe.)