11 August 2010


The same folks that brought us the CUSTODIAN tape can seemingly do little wrong in the world of mood altering dark noise, and this split release falls right in line with their limited but extraordinary output. LUASA RAELON (one of three solo projects from Columbus, Ohio's David Nathan Reed) is a dark ambient adventure, using mostly synthesizers to take you on your journey. "Iriri" appears in five movements, each delving deeper into a cinematic world for which the script has not yet been written. The term 'death' is often used when describing these kinds of dark industrial sounds, but rarely has that descriptor been used as appropriately as it is in reference to LUASA RAELON. Michigan's POST-MORTEM JUNKIE (another solo act, this time from the brain of Ryan Oppermann), raises the harshness level several degrees, trading fear inducing ambiance for creeping sinister electronic noise. By no means is "Tremble" a harsh noise assault, it is a subdued and deliberate build up of sound, culminating in a polite cacophony. POST-MORTEM JUNKIE's track is twisted and psychotic, it makes its point slowly. This tape is limited to 100 copies, and is available from Milwaukee's Expectorant. After you enjoy the sounds it contains, I suggest that you procure your own copy.

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