07 August 2010


Get ready to have your face melted, because these Brazilian maniacs will slow down for absolutely no one. Their affinity for Dutch thrashers LÄRM is shameless, and JÄZZUS pull off the same chaotic attack - playing fast and then faster and then blurring by with mind numbing speed, decimating riffs that might have been discernible when they were written. The guitar is out of tune just enough to make you feel a little nauseous, and the vocals spurt forth at rather erratic intervals, making the whole assault seem even more disjointed and crazed. There's only one song that tops the 60 second mark, and JÄZZUS blast their way through 15 songs in well under ten minutes, creating a disorienting hum in me ears when quietness settles in. WHN? played with these dudes in Vila Velha back in 2002, and I assure you that the live attack was every bit as insane as this demo (plus, Allan's mom makes a mean fukkn feast!), and they were some of the best folks we hung out with on the whole tour. You like chaos? You like noise? You like fast? You like JÄZZUS. 


Andrew TSKS said...

This tape is fucking outstanding. Reminds me of Hellnation.

the wizard said...

But even faster, and perhaps more cacophonous. I was really stoked when I uncovered this tape, it had been years since I listened to it!