08 August 2010


It took me no time at all to get over the horribly generic name of this band as I was sucked in by their jerky, dirty, angry songs. Ithaca, New York's BARCODE deliver personal '90s hardcore in rather the same way that SLEEPING BODY do, but come off quite a bit nastier in the process. "Barneychem" features plodding JOY DIVISION drums, and is followed by "FRSK" and a bass tone that would make any noise rocker jealous. Dual vocals trade off through most of the songs, one sounds like Anna Joy from BLATZ, while her counterpart has that 'rolling on the floor consumed by inner turmoil' quality that sometimes doesn't work at all (this time it works frighteningly well). BARCODE lurch and surge, then creep back into the shadows...my only complaint is that they recorded this demo over a copy of COIL's Love's Secret Domain, but they were nice enough to leave the end of the original in tact.

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