19 June 2021


Folks who've been in the Bay Area long enough might remember Wendell Mew's presence, even if they never knew his name. Dude would wail on his sax in BART stations in the '90s, but apparently he had a storied past on the political fringes, and as an attorney who stopped practicing law in favor of making and playing music. Basically, do a few internet searches (or just use this one - sums it up nicely) and it's easy to see that Mew is (or was?) a true outsider, driven by...something. But doubtlessly driven. I don't know the source of this collection of tunes, but on these live recordings he leads a group that moves effortlessly between hard bop, futurism and wild free jazz for over 90 minutes. Pay attention to the flute solo that starts around the 48 minute mark...listen intently and tell me you don't feel that shit. 


emperorofthevoid said...

Thanks for sharing this marvelous music, and all sorts of other marvels.

Arizona Phossils said...

Incredible sounds