07 June 2021



Another excellent example of why you should look past the cool shit and check out all the good shit that ain't cool. A trading relic that plops two (of the the three?) PLAIN WRAP demos on one tape - tracks that the folks at Bootleg CDs R Us Dot Com dropped onto a disc with MOX NIX in the 90s...tracks that deserve better than a legacy as a third rate EuroBoot in a bargain bin. Snappy, snotty, catchy, ripping Southern California hardcore punk circa 198something (ish). "There Is No God" was on a fukkn tape with SIEGE, CRUDE SS, TARNFARBE, MOB 47, WRETCHED and SVART FRAMTID, and "Punk Rock" opens the first Killed By 7 Inch comp...please tell me how much more validation you fukkrs need?

"Punk Rock, Punk Rock, Punk Rock, Punk Rock, Punk Rock, Punk Rock, Punk Rock Punk Rock...
...Fuck that commercial radio bullshit: This Is Punk Rock!"

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Eric Apnea said...

Green Light! Red Light!