22 June 2021


I hope y'all were paying attention while Suckblood existed. The label cranked out maybe half a dozen tapes, I rarely saw them pop up in distros, and my order took a solid six weeks to arrive (from Los Angeles)...I challenge anyone to come up with a more venerable roster in the last decade. The KRIGSHODER tape seemed to make everyone pay attention (and rightly so), but holy shit these five tracks from CRUELTY BOMB are just stunners. A product of their environment perhaps, this tape is pure Scandi-DBeat tempered with loose '80s Southern California hardcore. The pace is insane, the riffs are relentless, and the drums will have you scraping your jaw off the floor. Check the fills in "Rigged" - they take a screaming (but simple) two riff/one bridge DBeat song and turn it into an absolute monster. Then the guitar does the same thing to "Atrocities" a few seconds later. Five and half minutes...that's all you get. Because that's all they needed. 

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