06 June 2021



A gorgeous piece of experimentation from an unknown source, this cassette will appeal to fans of the Ripping Stars From The Sky tape from a few weeks back. The first side starts with a resigned melancholy, quiet low end distortion riding waves beneath floating ethereal guitars - the sounds of distant yearning. There are moments that sound just a few degrees removed from early new age experimentation but the recording moves steadily towards an ominous end as it progresses, each track seemingly darker than the next. The low end takes a stronger roll on the fourth movement, with hesitant open notes from the guitar starting to overpower the sublime while the guitar fades to a whimper. And by the sixth movement, darkness has won...a distant, rumbling bass dominates, and then takes over completely for the 13+ minute final piece. This unnamed presentation is as much reflective as it is enjoyable - reflection, even when beneficial, is not necessarily comfortable - and leaves me feeling open. Or maybe just empty. 

Should go without saying, but any additional information regarding the source of this cassette or the artist/s who created it is very (very) welcome. 

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